01- Update your Organization Information

The system allows you to configure certain site settings to customize the use of the site to your organization’s needs. Site settings are also used to enter the necessary settings to connect to your organization’s external site if using External Site integration.

CommunityForce will configure some of these settings prior to site delivery. After finishing Module 1 – Getting Started we suggest that you review the items in this section. Some of these features you will want to have set up prior to going live. If you are a large organization dealing with multiple Dept. Admins we suggest discussing your system needs as a group prior to setup.

Before setting up your Organization Information in the site settings you will need the following:

1) Decide on a name for your CommunityForce Product
2) Decide on your Organization Code name
3) Obtain a high resolution Organization logo; the size should be 370×80 pixels using a jpg or png format.

1.1 Update your Organization Information (Organization Branding – Name, Logo,
1When you click on the Site Settings icon from the Administration
Dashboard the following screen appears.
Items below are marked with an * and are required fields to be filled in. They are as follows:
*Organization NameYour organization’s name. This name will appear at the bottom left had corner of all screens.
*Organization Application Name Name of the type of application system you are using. (I.e. Scholarship Database or Grant Database) This name will appear at the bottom left hand corner of all screens, next to your Organization’s Name.
*Organization Code Abbreviated version of your organization’s name. Used for backend coding purposes, to identify your organization in coding without using a long version. (I.e. Montgomery County Community Foundation = MCCF)
*Organization Logo Upload your organization logo for branding purposes. The logo appears in the upper left hand corner of the screens Header. Logos must be sized to 370×80 pixels.
*Organization Domain Your organization’s domain name. A domain name represents an Internet Protocol (IP) resource. Domain names are also used as simple identification labels to indicate ownership or control of a resource. Typical domain name: @harvard.edu.
Site Behavior The behavior of your site whether it is a Scholarship Site with individuals as applicants or a Grant Site with Organizations as applicants. This will be pre-set for you. Do not change!
Save Save changes and return back to Administration Dashboard
Save and Exit Save changes and return to the Administration Dashboard
Cancel – Clears all data from the fields.
Exit Undo changes and return to the Administration Dashboard