02. Understanding the Email Template

System Templates:
System email templates are automatically generated by the system when you create a new application and are linked to their specific features within the application process (i.e. Release A Section For An Applicant email is automatically generated when you click the Save and Email button when Releasing a Section back to the applicant to complete).

1.2.1 System – Global Templates
These are System templates that apply to all applications and are not application specific.
bulitBefore selecting an application from the dropdown menu you will see the following Global Templates. These templates are not application specific; they are used on all of your applications.
The following are your Global Templates:
a. Password: New Account confirmation – same message is sent to all users in
the system
i.When applicant creates their own account prior to login
ii.When Admin creates an account for a user in the Users Setup section
b. Admin Changed password message to all users
c. Password: Forgot Password message to all users
d. Password: Password change confirmation User has changed their own
password – message to all users
The above templates are key items that need to be edited prior to going live with your system!
1.2.2 System – Application Specific Templates

System – Application Specific Templates are templates created specifically for an application. These templates appear on all your applications individually, so if you need to make a change to any of them you will need to change them in each specific application.

bulit Select an application from the dropdown menu. Applications must be published in the Fund Setup in order to appear in the dropdown list.


bulit The email templates are created for each individual application, therefore, you will need to choose the appropriate application that you want to edit/create the template for.

bulit Once you have selected an application the current templates that are available for the specified application will appear:

The System – Application Templates include the following, before going live please edit appropriately to your process:

a. Application: Additional information Request sent to applicant when
requested by the Administrator to complete a section after submittal.
b. Application:Applicant Accept Award sent to the contact assigned to the
application. This email will be sent when the applicant accepts their award.
c. Application: Applicant Decline Award sent to the contact assigned to the
application. This email will be sent when the applicant declines the award.
d. Application: Deleted – sent to the contact assigned to the application. This
email will be sent when the applicant deletes their entire application.
e. Application: Request completed Email to Applicant once recommended
individual has completed the request section
f. Application: Request Declined Email to Applicant notifying them that the
individual they recommended to complete a request section has denied the request.
g. Application: Request from Applicant (Default email) for Request Sections –
Email to Recommended individual requesting to fill out a section on behalf of the applicant
h. Application: Submit Confirmation – submit confirmation email sent to
applicant once they submit their application
i. Application: Withdrawn – sent to the contact assigned to the application. This
email will be sent when the applicant has withdrawn their entire application.
j. Committee: Applications are ready for review – sent to the reviewers when
using the notify button in the Assignment section.