03. Setting up Pre-Qualification or Prescreening Questions

This section will pre-qualify the applicants before they can register and apply for a Fund Source. This is an optional feature that the Admin can choose to add if pre-qualification is required. When using Pre-qualifying questions in a Fund Source Application, the Admin can create pre-qualification questions along with different answer combinations for those questions that allow the applicant to login to the Fund Source application. Depending on how the applicants answer the combination of those questions will determine if they qualify to proceed with filling out the application or if they are redirected to a denial message.


To assign pre-qualification questions to an application the Admin must first go into the Application Form in the General Information and select the checkbox field for Enable Prequalification during applicant Sign-up if this was not done when they creating the application or form.

If the checkbox Enable Prequalification during applicant Sign-up is selected the pre-qualifications section will be assigned to an application and if the checkbox is not selected then the pre-qualification questions will not be assigned to the Fund Source Application.

Once the Enable Prequalification during applicant Sign-up has been checked you can open this section in the Application Dashboard and set your pre-qualification questions. The following is the screen already set with a question:


08To Add a Question – To add a new question the Admin clicks on the Add Question button and the following screen will open.


Enter the question in the Question field and click on the Save button to save the question entered. There are no limitations on how many questions you may add. Once you have entered the first question, the following screen appears and you can continue entering more questions.

Tip Best Practice: Keep it simple. Reports or any tracking is not done on these questions. If you set this, go back in and edit and add or delete a question. Remove the combination and reset it.


To Add the Combination – click on the Yes or No to create the yes/no reply combinations for each individual questions entered above. The combinations will allow the applicants to Login or will take them to a Denial Message Page depending on how the combination is setup for them to proceed into the application.

Pre-Qualification Denial Message – This is the message that appears for the applicants who don’t meet the required qualifications set in the Pre-Qualification Questions. The Admin enters the Denial message.


Design Mode: The html editor works exactly the same way as Microsoft Word works. Type the information into the body of the editor as you would be typing and formatting it in a Microsoft Word document. You can also copy and paste the formatted text from other documents.

HTML Text: You can create the Message page using html tags by clicking on the HTML Text tab present beside the Design Mode tab. Enter the html tags with the content and it will display all the content as formatted.

Save: Click on the Save button after adding all the content to save the changes.

Cancel: Click on the Cancel button to go back to the Application dashboard.