05. Sending Email Notifications out using a Template

  • Select an application from the dropdown menu. Applications must be published in order to appear in the dropdown list.
  • Then select the Tab Notify. The following screen will appear:

An explanation on the following fields to be used:

  • From: This is the email address that the emails are sent out from. This is a system generated address.
  • Application Status: This is the application status of an applicant’s applications. Select which status group you want to send the email to. Once you select the Application Status the User Count to the right will show the total number of applicants to whom the mail will be sent. This will also populate the “To” field with a listing of all the applicant’s emails that fall under the selected Application Status.
  • Application Status Detail: The administrator can select a group of applicants by the Application Status Detail they are in. Click on the dropdown to see a listing of the Application stages that are available for your funding sources. This will populate the “To” field with a listing of all the applicant’s emails that fall under the selected Application Status Detail.
  • To: If you have selected an Application Status and/or an Application Status Detail this field will be populated automatically with all the email addresses of those applicants. If you did not select an Application Status and/or an Application Status Detail then you can enter the email addresses of the applicants here, separating each with a semi-colon (;) instead of spaces in between the email addresses.
  • Select Date: Select the date you want the email to be sent.
  • Select Time: Select the time you want to send the email.
    • Note: The server that sends out the emails is set on Eastern Time. Therefore, depending on what time zone you are in you will need to adjust enter your select time to correspond with the appropriate PST or PDT for the time you want the email to go out on. Note also that the email may be delayed if there is a large volume of traffic at the time the email is being sent.
  • Mail Format: This will send an email in the HTML format or Plain text format.

    Subject: You can enter the subject of the email that you want to appear in the Subject line to the recipient.

    Email Template: You can select the template from the existing created templates. If you select a template it will automatically fill in the body of the email accordingly. If you want to create your own email than leave this as Select.

  • Body: If you select an email template then the body of the email will be automatically populated according to how the template reads. If you don’t select any template, you can write the content of the email in the body field. Content can be entered using one of the following tabs:
    • Design Mode: The html editor works exactly the same way as Microsoft Word works. Type the information into the body of the editor as you would be typing and formatting it in a Microsoft Word document. You can also copy and paste the formatted text from other documents.
    • HTML Text: You can create a mass email using html tags by clicking on the
      HTML Text tab present beside the Design Mode tab. Enter the html tags with the content and it will display all the content as formatted.
  • Available Merge Fields: These are the auto-populated fields that the administrator can use, while setting up an email. When you send the email, these fields will automatically get converted, to the desired data. For example, if the administrator chooses a {First Name}, it will automatically change to the applicant’s actual First Name, while sending an email. To insert one of these fields, copy and paste the field into the area of the content section of where you want the field to appear. When coping the field be sure to include the {} that are on either side of the field name and be careful not to add any additional spacing within that field name.
  • Send: You can click on the Send button to send the emails.
  • Preview: Allows you to Preview the email prior to sending it.
  • Cancel: You can click on the Cancel to cancel the email and go back to the Emails Tools page.