02. Reviewing the Applicants that Applied

The Applicant Status section is a report feature that allows you to view your applicant activity and their current Status/Status Detail as the applications are being completed, as well as view their current Status and Status Details as they are moving through the application review process. The Applicant Status report is also where you can manually change a Status/Status Detail of an applicant.

Click on Applicant Status in the Evaluation Dashboard of the specific application you are working with.1.24--Reviewing-the-Applicants

The Applicant Status Report is available for each individual applications you have created in the CommunityForce site.

1) Search By: Allows you to search for a single applicant by entering their information to search on the following: (you can search on one of the items or all by entering the data and clicking the Search Button)

    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • Email
(Note: these items are looking for the applicant data that was created when the applicant created their log-in account, not the actual information that is entered in question fields within the application.)
2) Filter By Status: allows you to filter the applicant status grid report to only show a specific group of applicants according to the Status/Status Detail.
3) Change Status/Status Detail To: Allows you to select an applicant and change their status/status detail in the application process.
4) Number of Applicants: Depending on the Filter used above this will show the number of applicants under that Status/Status detail filter. Select “All” on both filters to see the total number of applicants that have applied to this application.
5) Batch Student Info Update: (Used when Integrating with an External System, i.e. Banner, PeopleSoft) When you click the button it will update all the applicant application data with data from the external site. This data is not automatically updated and therefore you will need to click this button to update.
  • Yes - the section has been released and waiting for completion 
  • No – there are no sections released for completion 
20) Notification Date: When an email is sent using the Notify button the date that the email was sent will appear here.
  • Null – they have not recommended anyone to completed the request section 
  • 100% – applicant has sent recommend requests for all their applicable request sections 
  • % number less than 100 % – means they have not sent recommend request for all their applicable request sections.
23) Received: When using Request Sections in an application, this column will show if the recommended individual has gone and completed the request section on behalf of the applicant and clicked the submit on that section only.

  • Null – the requested individual has not completed the request section on behalf of the applicant.
  • 100% - the Requested individual has completed the request section and clicked the submit on that section only.
  • % number less than 100% – means the requested individual has started to fill out the section but has not yet completed the request section
24) Delete: Use with Caution. The red “X” at the end of the applicant information will allow you to delete an applicant’s application.