05. Introduction to Custom Reporting Ad Hoc Queries

The Admin can directly query the database by writing SQL queries. The Admin needs to refrain from using words like Update, Delete, and Alter while writing a Query, as it will result in Syntax error. If you need assistance with queries, please contact CommunityForce. If you have purchased customized query reports they will be added here.

  • From the Home page/select Evaluations
  • This will direct you to the View Existing Applications.
  • Custom Reports are created for each individual application, therefore, you will need to click on the appropriate application that you want to create the custom report for.


  • Once you select the application you will be directed to the Evaluation Dashboard, select Reports 


  • The next screen will show three types of reports. Ad Hoc Reports, Ad Hoc Queries, Post Award Section Complete
  • Select Ad Hoc Queries5
  • Once you select Ad Hoc Reports the following screen is displayed: