02. General Information

Once you select an application setup option, the Application’s General Information Section will appear. Once you create the initial application, you can also access the General Information for the Application Form by clicking on the General Information Icon in the application setup dashboard and make any changes to your set up features from this screen.



Application Name: Enter the name of the application. This name will display to the Applicants exactly the same way it is entered here.

Description: Enter a brief description to describe the use of this application, or you can re-enter the application name.

Sponsoring Organization: Select the organization(s) that is responsible for maintaining the Funding Source. If you only have one organization/department, then select that organization and click Ok to save the selection. This is used to connect applications to specific organization / departments. If you have more than one organization that you are setting up applications for then you can select the organization that owns this application process. Then you can filter applications by sponsoring organization so that only those Admins/users that are assigned to that sponsoring organization can access the specific application. Multiple sponsoring organizations may be selected.

Begin Accepting Applications Date: The first date an application will be accepted.

Deadline Date: The last date an application will be accepted is due by. The application will lock out on this date at the time specified in the Deadline Time.

Academic Year: (This will be updated when the application is saved.) The academic year calculated from the application deadline date and per settings in the Administration Site Settings – Enable Academic Year setting.

Deadline Time: The last time of day on the Deadline Date an application will be accepted. (Note this is set per Eastern Standard/Daylight Time)

Logout URL: Redirects the user to this URL when they log out. Enter the URL for the landing page you want the applicant to go to when they log out of their application.

Reply Sent from: This would be the email address of the key contact person responsible for communicating to/from the applicants and reviewers during the application process. When setting up emails in the Notification Center, if the merge field Reply-To-Email is available for use in a template, this is the item that the merge field would be linking to.

Applicant Minimum Age: The minimum age to apply for this application, if applicable. Enter 0 (zero) if no minimum age is required. If the applicant’s age is below the specified age, he/she is directed to a screen which gives them an explanation as to why they cannot apply. This message is entered in the Acknowledgement section of this setup screen.

Enable Prequalification during applicant Sign-up: Enables the feature to allow you to create Pre-Qualification yes/no questions for an applicant to answer prior to having access to the application. These questions must be arranged in a combination format, meaning if the applicant answers the specific combination of yes/no questions they have access or are denied access. (For more details please see Pre-Qualification Question Setup).

Yes - Activates the Pre-Qualification questions to appear and applicant will not be allowed access until they answer the correct combination.
No - The Pre-Qualification questions will not appear to the applicant and they will have immediate access to apply.

Disable Editing after Submitting Application: Determines if an applicant can re-enter/change data on their application after they have clicked the Submit button and submitted their application.

Yes – the applicant is unable to change any information once their application is submitted and the section must be released back to the applicant by the Admin if a correction/addition is to be made. (See Release a Section to Applicant)
No- The applicant can go back in to their application after it has been submitted and make changes to the application.

Enable View Matching Scholarships: if you have multiple funding sources tied to a single form and want the applicant to see a list of funds they matched too based on Criteria Ad Hoc Reports you would enable this feature by selecting Yes. Or if you have multiple applications they can click on this button and see the other funding opportunities available.

Enable Opt In/Apply Options: if using the Enable View Matching Scholarship feature an applicant can opt in/ apply to other applications or if it is disabled and is being used with the View Matching Scholarships the applicant can view fund details.

Feedback from Recommenders is Mandatory: When creating request section within the application process, if those request sections are mandatory and must be completed, this option will not allow the applicant to be placed in a submitted status until they have recommended an individual to complete the section on their behalf. Before submitting the Request Section-Requested must say 100%. Note, this does not require the recommender to complete the section prior to the applicant submitting their application. (i.e. a requested letter of reference must be requested prior to submission). (See Request Section set up for more details regarding this functionality).

Yes – the applicant must recommend a request to fill out this section.
No – This section is not mandatory and the applicant can submit regardless of recommendation occurring.

Show Applicant to Committee: Allows you to perform a blind process review of the applicants determining if the Applicants identifying information will be shown on the evaluation committee reviewer’s dashboards when reviewing their applications.

Yes – Allows the committee reviewers to see the identifying information of an applicant
No – Allows for a blind process review in which the committee reviewers are not able to see the names of the applicants they are reviewing in their review dashboard or any application pdf’s created specifically for Reviewers.

Show Application to Committee: Allows the committee reviewers to see the applicants application. However, sections/questions can be hidden from their view when setting up that sections/question in the application. (See Section Setup and Question Setup)

Yes – the committee reviewers can view all allowable fields of the application.
No – the committee reviewers cannot view any part of the application.

Display Committee scores: When viewing an applicant’s score card, this determines how the final score is compiled.

None – no score is shown – used if not performing a scoring system
Aggregate – takes the sum of each task and then adds them all together to compile the final score.
Average – takes the sum of each task’s scores, adds those sums together and then divides by the total number of reviewers that have scored that individual applicant across all the tasks.

Acknowledgement: The message displayed to an applicant if they do not meet the Applicant Minimum Age as set above.

Instructions: These instructions are displayed on the Applicant’s application dashboard once he/she enters the application to begin completing the various sections.

Example of an Instruction message for applicant dashboard:
Once the application has been submitted, no additions or corrections to the application will be allowed. Each section below must read 100% in order to submit your application. If a section does not read 100%, you have missed a required question(s) in that section.
IMPORTANT: Click on the Request Section Icon to send an email to your Guidance Counselor to provide your transcript. This should be done immediately so that your Guidance Counselor can complete this section by the January 17th deadline. You will not be able to submit your application if this information is not attached.

Save - Save changes and remain on this page
Save and Exit - Save changes and return to the previous page
Exit - Undo changes and return to the previous page

Clone an Existing Application: If you selected the option to clone an existing application then you will be asked to select the application that you want to use in creating your new application. Note that only active applications can be cloned, archived applications will not appear. Once you select the application the data from that application will be populated to the items of your new application. The remaining items will appear for creating a new application. If cloning, you will need to make the appropriate changes to these items that are applicable for your new cloned application.