01. Creating a Funding Source

Creating a Funding Source

From the Administrator’s Home page, click on Add/Edit Scholarships/Funds (this icon title may have been changed according to the term that you use for your funding source)

The following screen will open:

  • Click on the Setup Scholarships/Funds button to create a new Funding Source fund.

The following screen will open. Below is a screenshot of the standard fields.

The Global Administrator has the ability to set other controls to be added to this screen based on your current process and how you will be using the Funding Source Setup. Before proceeding, be sure to consult with your Global Admin to be sure that fields are made available for your use. Module Pre – Global Admin Only – Administration Section Guide describes these controls in greater detail. Below is a screenshot of the available controls.creating-1.1-5

The Standard Scholarships/Funds screen has the following four sections:

  • Scholarships/Funds Name: Name of the Funding Source fund – required section
  • Scholarships/Funds Name: Name of the Funding Source fund – required section
  • Sponsoring Organization: The Organization(s) responsible for the Funding Source fund.
  • Annual Budget: The total amount to be awarded in the current cycle. This is a required field so must be entered at the time the Funding Source fund is setup but can be updated at any time.
  • General Ledger Account: If you use an external database you can enter the General Ledger Account that is used to track this fund in your accounting system, for easy reference.
  • Award Amount: The total number or awards to be given for this particular Funding Source fund. (i.e. Award amount typically ranges from $1,000 to $2,000 each and 5 to 10 Scholarships/Funds are awarded annually.)
  • Email Signature: Used to override the site contact email in the Administration>Site Setting, this would be the email of the individual responsible for the fund/application. Only overrides if there is an application associated to the fund.
  • Published:This allows the Funding Source fund to be viewable by the applicants. Mark “yes” to allow it to be viewable, and click “no” if it is to be hidden.
  • Allow Non-(your org. name) Applicants:
  • Select “yes” only if the Funding Source fund is available to applicants that are not a member of your organization, otherwise select “no”.
  • Allow (your org. name) Applicants: Select “yes” to allow applicants that are members of your organization to apply for this specific Funding Source.
  • Brief Description: Short Description of the Funding Source that is available to the
  • Description: Full description of the Funding Source fund which is only available after the applicant logs in. This is viewable only to those that you have allowed as noted above
  • Application Information: message regarding specific application information as it relates to this funding source. The information will be viewable in the Search under Fund details for the particular award. This is viewable only to those that you have allowed as noted above.
  • Special Eligibility Requirements: Special Eligibility Requirements set forth in the Funding Source fund that is required to be considered for this Funding Source fund.
  • Restrictions to Use of Award: Restrictions to how the Funding Source fund shall be used if awarded.
  • Links to Additional Information: Links to Additional Information that you may want to include for this specific Funding Source fund.