04. Changing the Status and Status Detail of an Applicant

Changing-the-StatusStatus1Change Status/Status Detail to: Allows you to change the current status of an applicant or group of applicants manually to another Status in the process. (i.e. you want to manually submit an applicant that is still a status of “pending submission”)

1) To change the status from one status to another you must first filter on the Status/Status Detail that the applicant is in, using the Filter by Status/Status Detail.

Example: moving an applicant that is Pending Submission to Submitted Submission:

2) Select the check box to the left of the applicant’s name that you want to change the status for. You can select one or multiple applicants.
3) Next, in the “Change Status to” or “Status Detail to” drop downs select the new status/status detail you want to move the applicant(s) to.
4) Click the Change Applicant Status/Status Detail button next to the Change Status/Status Detail drop downs, depending on which one you are changing and the applicant will automatically be moved to that status. Changing-the-StatusStatus4
5) A Comment box will appear for you to enter the reason for the Status/Status Detail Change. Enter your comment and click Save or Cancel to cancel the Status/Status Detail Change. If you do not want to enter a comment, you will still need to click save to save the change.
6) This comment will appear under the Comment Column in the Applicant Status Report for the applicant you have changed the status/status detail for.
7) The Status/Status detail for the applicant will now show the change in the appropriate Status/Status detail column of the Applicant Status Report.