05. Additional Awards Reports

There are two additional reports that can be used when awarding to applicants. To locate these reports:

  • From your Home dashboard select the Reports (all funding sources) Icon
    This will open the Reports (All Funding Sources)
1.5.1 Batch Awards (Reports/All Funding Sources)

Batch Awards is the same as the batch awards in the evaluation section but allows you to see the awarding history for multiple applications. This is helpful if you have multiple applications active at a time. Using the Batch Awards here allows you to select by application and award the applicants for that application. The awarding is done the same way as you do in the Batch Awards but you will first need to select the application for the funds you want to award for.

1.5.2 Award Applicants Report (Reports/All Funding Sources)

Allows you to see a listing of all applicants that have been awarded from a specific Funding Source Fund.

  • Select the Fund from the Title drop down.