04. Status Details (Optional)

Status Details are custom stages designed to help you with your application process.

As the applicants move through the application process the system uses Status(es) to define where the applicants are at in the application process.  Status are automatically triggered by the system as an applicant is moved through the process.  However, many of our clients need to be able to track the applicants beyond those standard statuses.  Therefore, Status Details allows you to create additional status/stages that will help you know what stage of your process those applicants are in.

Status Details are global items and when created are available on all applications.

4.1 Adding a new Status Detail

Exercise 1

Step 1: From the Administration Dashboard click on the Status Details Icon.



Step 2: The Status details table grid will open grid showing all the current Status Details.

Note:  You site will come preloaded with some common Status Details that can help give you an idea of some Status Details that have been used by some of our clients.  All of these are editable, and can be changed to a name that better fits your process, and you can add additional Status Details, as needed.  There’s no limit on how many status details you can add.


  • Application Status Detail – the current name of the status detail
  • Description – a brief description of the purpose of this status detail
  • Active – Yes – The Status Detail is currently active and available for use within your application process.
  • Active – No – The Status Detail is currently not active and will need to be activated before it can be used within your application process.
  • Sort order – This is the sort order of the Status Detail in how it will display when viewing a status details dropdown box within various reporting areas of the application’s evaluation sections,

Step 3: To add a new status detail, click on the Add a Status Detail button



Step 4: The Status Detail setup section will open at the top of the page.


Items marked with an (*) are required and will need to be completed when creating a new Status Detail.

Step 5: *Application Status Detail – Enter the name for the new Status Detail you want to create, this is the name that will appear in the Status Detail drop down listings.

Step 6: *Description – enter a brief description describing the purpose of this Status Detail

Step 7: *Sort Order – This is the display order given to the Status Detail and is the order it will be displayed in the dropdown menu selection when selecting the Status Detail within you applications.

Step 8: Active – Select this if you want this Status Detail to appear as an option when selecting Status Details within all your applications.  If this is not selected the Status detail will not be activated and will not appear in the dropdown menu selections.

Step 9: Click Save to Save your information and stay on the page or click Save and Exit to save the status detail and return to the Status Details Table.

Cancel – Clears all data you entered and stays on the page

Exit – Does not save any data you entered and returns you back to viewing only the Status Details table grid.

Step 10: Once you save the new status detail a message will appear showing it has been created, click Ok to continue.  Once saved your new status detail will appear in the Status Details table.


4.2 Editing an Existing Status:

Step 1: While in the Status Detail Table grid, to edit an Existing Status Detail click on the Edit icon located next to the Status Details you want to edit.


Step 2: The Status Detail setup box will appear at the top of the page, with that status detail’s information.  You can change any field in the Status Detail to better suit your organization’s use.


Step 3: Once you make the changes to the Status Detail, be sure to click Save or Save and Exit to save any changes you have made.

4.3 Deleting an Existing Status:

Step 1: While in the Status Detail Table grid, to delete an Existing Status Detail click on the red X icon located next to the Status Details you want to delete.


NOTE:  If you no longer want a Status Detail to appear as an option in your applications, you do not want to delete it once it has been used in an application.  Deleting an existing Status Detail will remove the historical data for those applicants that you originally used that Status Detail on.  You will need to mark that Status Detail as Active – No– by clicking on the Edit Icon next to the Status Detail, and unchecking the Active box on the edit page.  Be sure to save your changes.


Step 2: A new window will open asking you to confirm you want to delete the status, click “Yes” to continue with the deletion.


Step 3: An additional box will appear notifying you that the Status detail was deleted, click OK to finalize the deletion.