02. Confirm Build of the Application form

The following sections will cover how to review the various areas of the application and funding source set up to assure that you have properly set up the application.

When reviewing you will want to, again, look at the funding sources, your review process, and awarding process to reconfirm that you have built into your application all the items needed to pull eligibility for those areas.

  • Did you include all necessary items in drop down listing, etc., so that the data can be mined efficiently?
  • What about your review process, are there items that are discussed in the review committees to determine eligibility, or tie breakers? Were those included in the application and can you easily pull the date if needed?
  • What about after the initial applying, are there additional sections that should be included to capture additional information from your applicants or staff members during review or after the awarding process.  Are those sections created to appear during the appropriate stages?
  • What types of reports are you needing to run, and have you set up the questions items in a manner that allows you to be able to easily pull that data and reported on?
  • Required attachments – did you include all the upload questions to be able to capture all your required attachments needed for your applicants to apply.
  • Communication – are all the appropriate email templates created that are needed to communicate with your applicants during the application process? Do they relay your message or are they still set on the default messages?

You will want to go through each section of the application form and confirm that the correct settings have been set on all your sections, all the correct questions are in the right sections and formatted correctly, and you have provided sufficient instructions to the applicants on how to complete this application form.

2.1 General Information Setup
  1. Sponsoring Organization, if you have multiple organizations, did you make sure to select all that can access the application form?
  2. Confirm your deadline date and time is correct (did you include a note in the instructions to the applicant that this is set on the EST zone not their local time zone) Note: when ready to test, the Begin accepting applications date, will need to be the current date, so that the testers can access it.
  3. Ensure the Logout URL is set to the correct location that you want the applicant to land when they log out.
  4. Reply Sent from – if you have included this in your email templates did you remember to change this to the correct staff’s email address, so that the applicants know who to reply to.
  5. If your application requires payment did you include the amount in the Application form cost?
  6. Enable Prequalification during applicant Sign-up – If using prequalification questions – did you remember to set this to yes?
  7. Enable View Matching Scholarships – If using this function did you remember to set this to yes?
  8. Enable Opt In/Apply Options – If using this along with the view matching scholarships (used mainly in 1 application per 1 fund relationship) – Did you remember to set this to yes?
  9. If allowing multiple submissions did you say yes to Enable Multiple Submissions?
  10. If allowing proxy or collaborators did you say yes to enable those areas.
  11. Nomination type – If using request sections did you select the correct type.
  12. Enable Editing after Submitting – Do you want the applicant to edit after submitting? Did you select yes or No?
  13. Confirm the selections for the committee review process are selected correctly
    a. Show Applicant to Committee
    b. Show Application to Committee
  14. Acknowledgement – Used only if setting as Applicant Minimum Age – is the message to the applicant correct and understandable.  (If not using, this should be left blank.)
  15. Instructions – These are the applicants dashboard instructions
    – Are you explaining to the applicant clearly how to fill out the application form?
    – Are you displaying the deadline date and time as EST?
    – Are there grammatical errors or typos?
    – Are there sections they should fill out first that they need to know about?
  16. Contacts – did you remember to include the staff member that is maintaining this application in the Contacts section?
2.2 Section Setup
  1. Are all your sections named correctly?
  2. Do you have the correct Section Type selected for the section
  3. Are the sections for your staff only – marked as a “Staff Section” – are they hidden from the applicant?
  4. Are the Sections that are Request Sections marked as “Request Section” – are they hidden from the applicant?
  5. If using Request Sections did you set the correct email notification template for this section?
  6. Are the sections you don’t want reviewers to view marked to “Hide from Reviewer”?
  7. Is the Display Order correct to how you expect the application to flow?
  8. Is the correct image showing for the section?
  9. Did you select the correct Status
  10. Do you have the correct deadline date and time for that section?
    a) Is it a separate date from the application or does it have its own deadline?
  11. Did you make sure you remove the submit button from appearing on sections that do not require a submit button?
  12. Did you confirm the “Lock After Submit” is set correctly?
    a) Does it carry a separate submittal from the application, if it does, do you want it to lock after they submit this section or allow them to continue editing after the section has been submitted.
  13. Section Specific Instructions –
    a) Does the section need specific instructions entered so that the applicant understands how to complete the section (or requested individual if this is a request section?
    b) If this is a Request Section – are the instructions to the requested individual filling out this section clear so they know how to complete the section? Do they know how to submit the form or deny the form?
    c) Are there grammatical errors, typos?
  14. Did you remember to “Activate” the sections so that they appear on the application?
  15. Did you de-activate the sections you do not want to appear in your application?
    a) Are there section that need to be de-activated now but activated later on in the process? Are they set correctly?
  16. Do you have conditional logic set on sections you only want to show if an applicant answers a question in another part of the application a specific way? Did you test this logic?
2.3 Question Setup
  1. Are all the necessary questions present in your application for data mining and decision making:
    a) Are you including all the required questions needed to pull on for your scoring process (i.e. if needing a GPA score-do you have a question asking for a GPA score somewhere in your application?)
    b) Are all questions included to be able to retrieve data needed for selection of Funding Source fund eligibility?
    c) Do you have all the required questions needed for the committee reviewers and award committees to make their decisions?
  2. Are the questions in the right sections?
  3. Are there typos in any of the Question Names to be corrected?
  4. Are the questions formatted correctly with the correct question type?
    a) Numeric fields set correctly for data you need to be able to run calculations on.
    b) Are you using drop downs and check boxes efficiently (i.e. you need to know the college the applicant is attending – do you want them to type this – risking spelling errors or abbreviations – or do you want them to pick from a dropdown listing so that you get an exact match to be able to pull and filter that data into criteria reports or automated scoring?)
    c) For File upload, are all the accepted file types entered so that they can upload needed documents?
    d) If entering text are you using the appropriate types for Text or Essay so that the applicant has plenty of space to enter their required answer? Do you have the word count minimum and maximums, set if needed?
  5. If using one application for multiple funds, did you included the Matching Fund Eligibility question, so that the applicants can be matched to the funds using the eligibility questions?
  6. If you have a payment associated with this application form, did the Payment Gateway question get added?
  7. Required – If the question is required, did you remember to mark it as “required” so that the question is not missed?
  8. Hidden From Reviewer – If the question is not to be seen by the review committee did you remember to mark it as “Hidden From Reviewer”?
  9. Do you want this question on your Award screen, did you mark it yes so that it appears when awarding
  10. Display Order – Is the question in the right Display order for easy flow of the application?
  11. If you have a document to load to this question, did your remember to upload it?
  12. Conditional Logic – Did you set all the necessary conditional logicso that the appropriate questions hide or appear depending on how other questions are answered? Did you test your logic?
  13. If there is a question you do not want to appear on the application – did you remember to mark it as “Excluded”?
  14. Did you include all your questions to capture your required attachments needed from the applicants?
2.4 Pre-Qualification Questions setup – If using pre-qualification questions
  1. Did you include all your pre-qualification questions?
  2. Are these set with the correct combination?
  3. Is the Denial Message set up?
  4. Check for grammatical errors or typos.
2.5 Request Instructions setup – message to the applicant on how to use this section.
  1. Does the message explain to the applicant how to use this section and how to recommend an individual to fill out a section on their behalf?
  2. If you have multiple request section, do you explain to the applicant the purpose of each, so that they know who to recommend to complete that section?
  3. Are there grammatical errors or typos?
2.6 Submit Message setup– online message to applicants when the submit their application
  1. Is the message clear on their next steps?
  2. Are their grammatical errors or typos?
2.7 Manage Text Tabs Setup– (if using)
  1.  Did you remember to mark them as published?
  2. Are there grammatical errors or typos?
2.8 Manage Application Funds

(Used if you have one application for multiple funds- not used for a Common Application Process)

  1. Did you assign all the correct funds to this application?
2.9 Manage Common Application Grants (Common Application Process only)
  1. Did you enter the correct instructions for the correct sections
    a) Did you check for grammatical errors and typos?
  2. If having the system automatically select associated funds, did you remember to check the box so that it will automatically select for them.
  3. Do you want the child applications to be marked as submitted automatically, once the applicant submits the common application and selects the additional applications? If so, did you select “Yes” for this question?
  4. Did you assign all the correct funds to this common application and does each fund have its own application assigned to it in the Fund Setup?
2.10 Manage Funds Criteria Information
  1. Did you remember to set all the criteria conditions for each fund that was assigned to this application using either the Manage Application Funds or the Manage Common Application Grants?
2.11 Notification Center Email Templates
  1. Did you check all the System- Global messages for correct content, grammatical errors or typos?
  2. Did you check all the Application specific System templates for correct content, grammatical errors or typos?
  3. If you have multiple request sections in your application, that are different types of sections going to different types of people, did you remember to create separate nomination templates for each section, using the “Add New Nomination Template” in the Create a template?