1. Completing an application form on CommunityForce System

Exercise 1: Creating an Applicant

In this Exercise we are going to learn how to create applicants on communityforce site.

  1. Follow the below mentioned step by step.
    • Go to the appropriate site
    • Select Login
    • Select Create New Account to create applicant credentials.


2. Once you click “Create New Account”.  System will navigate to registration page.


  1. On Registration page enter the following details.
  • Enter First Name.
  • Enter Last Name.
  • Select Date of Birth.
  • Provide a Login Id (It should be valid email id, all the communication is send on this id).
  • Enter your password in password field and confirm Password field.
  • Select Submit.
    Check your email – your inbox should show an email from CommunityForce.


4. Once you select OK Email is send your email id.


You have successfully created an applicant. In next exercise we will learn step to login and apply to an application.

Exercise 2: How applicants completing an application form on CommunityForce System.

In this Exercise you will learn how applicants can apply to the various sections of application form, about final review and submit an application.

1. Login into the system.

  • Launch the scholarship site and click on Login.
  • Enter Email id or login id.
  • Select Login



2. Selecting an application to apply.

  • Once login system show the list of scholarship available to apply.
  • You can even search, by selecting search all from right hand side of the page in header section.
    We will continue to apply for “Scholarship for organization with one fund accepting adult learners”.
  • Select Apply to continue with application.


A pop up window is alert for your confirmation.

  1. Select ‘Apply’ to proceed.
  2. Select ‘No’ to cancel.

In our case we will proceed by selecting Apply.


Once you select apply, System is navigated to application and check for any pre-qualification section enabled. IF enabled the following section is shown.

If an application is intended to specific type of students. Then Pre-Qualification section is enabled.
As an applicant you have to qualify the pre-qualification section in order to proceed.

Read the questions carefully and answers the questions.


Once done select submit to proceed.

  1. If you qualify pre-qualification section then system will be navigated to applicant Dashboard.
  2. If you have not qualified then you are not allowed to proceed further and redirected to home page.


Applicant Dashboard View.

Applicant Dashboard is the place where all the section and there status is visible.

  1. Status of each section is shown in percentage format.
  2. If status is 100% then it means the section is completed.
  3. To complete the section, an applicant must answer all the required questions.
  4. Select section to enter data and submit.
  5. All the sections must be 100% (completed) before submitting application.


The following screen appears when you select a section. We are looking at General information section at this moment.

  1. To complete the section, an applicant must answer all the required questions (marked *).
  2. To enter the data in various input format.
  3. In Text field, just type you answer.
  4. Date of birth – Select the calendar icon and browse for your Date of birth.
  5. State – State is Drop down field, click on the arrow to display all the available fields.
  6. Incase if you are not able to find your state please contact the Scholarship admin immediately.


Please note: Questions marked with * (Red) are mandatory, and must be answered before submitting.

1.We have conditional question in the below screen.
For Eg:  look at question : Are you Montgomery County resident.

    • If you have answered as No – no changes to screen.
    • If you have answered as Yes – then additional questions comes up asking “If Yes, how long you lived in Montgomery County resident”

2. Once you are done with section please selects “Save&Return to application”.


The next section is Family Information. This section can be used to understand conditional questions. Please follow the next screen.


As you enter the Family Information section, you can find the details about Mother and Father along with the current address separately.

  1. If you select No for question Are you Married ? then enter your spouse name is invisible.
  2. For question who do you live with?
  3. If you answer is both then the screen is refreshed, asking your parents’ names.






In below screen you will experience browser functionality of CF.

  1. Browse is used to upload files like transcript or recommendation report, etc.
  2. Select browse button, which open up the popup window.
  3. Search and select the file on your computer on popup window.
  4. Once uploaded successfully, the file is shown on the screen.






The Essay section is good example of submitting your essay to scholarship.

  1. Normally an Essay box appears to enter your essay.
  2. Best practice is to write down essay in word document then copy paste in essay box.
  3. This practice will help you to have back up and also cross check easily.
  4. If an application wants to resist an essay to specific word, it can be done.
  5. Have a look on the below screen, where you find first essay of 300 words and followed by 100 word max.
  6. Once done select Save and return to application.


Next Section is Signature section.


Signature section is final section where you need to enter signature.

  1. Signature is your first name and last name.
  2. Check for message above the signature box.
  3. Make sure you don’t have any extra spaces, which will make your signature invalid and it does not complete your section.
  4. In case you still have a signature issue contact admin.
  5. Have look on next screen as an example.



Congratulations… ! You have successfully completed application, the only left over is to submit the application.

To submit an application:

  1. Select Final Review and Submit button.
  2. System asks for confirmation to proceed with submission.
  3. Select continue to preview in order to submit the application.
  4. System is navigated to Preview of application
  5. Select confirmation checkbox and select submit.
  6. Select OK to proceed with submission.



Select confirmation checkbox and select submit.


Acknowledgement and submit button.


Select OK to proceed with submission.

Congratulations…! You have successfully submitted the application


To confirm check the status on Dashboard:

Applicant Dashboard view.



Download the “Completing an application form on CommunityForce System” guide