02. Changing your password

1.2  Changing your password

We recommend when you first receive your site URL credentials from CommunityForce that you login and change your password.

Exercise 1:

Step 1: The Home Page will be the first screen that will open every time you login:


Step 2:  In the upper right hand corner of the screen you will see a link:  Change Password.

Step 3:  Click on the Change Password link to open a new window:


Step 4: In the new window, Enter your old password followed by a new password and confirm the new password.


Step 5: Click on the Submit button to save your changes or the Cancel button to return back to the previous screen.

Step 6:  If you selected Submit to change your password a new window will appear:  Are you sure you want to change your password?


Step 7:  Click Yes to proceed or No to cancel the change.

Step 8:  To confirm that your password has been changed, the following screen will open.  Click OK to be redirected to the Login Screen.


Step 9: You will be directed back to the Login Page to sign into the system using your new password.

Step 10:  Sign in to the system using your new password.