05. Setting Up A By Invitation Application Form

modul-4-5-1Application Invitation: This feature will allow you to test the application from start to finish without publishing the application to the general crowd. When you assign the applicant to the applications, the system will allow those applicants to access the applications assigned to them and test them thoroughly. Only the applicants who are assigned to those unpublished applications can access them. The other applicants in your system will not see that application.

You simply just do the following:

  • Create the Application
  • Assign to a fund
  • Assign it to test user
  • Send them the link
  • Start testing

From the Administration Dashboard click on the Application Invitation icon:

The following screen will open:

Select the Applicant from the drop down menu and assign the applications to be tested. Once the applicants are assigned the admin cannot un-assign them.

The following steps will be followed by the applicant to test the applications:

  • Click on the Application link that was sent to you to start testing.
  • Login as an Applicant
  • View all the applications assigned to you for testing
  • Click on Apply link
  • Answer all the questions from all the sections and Submit the application
  •  The applicants can apply only once for an application.
  •  Once they click on the Apply link they will see the Application name under My Applications tab.

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