05. Assignments – Assigning Applications To Score Sheets And Reviewers

This will allow the administrator to assign the individual applicant’s applications to Committees or Groups. They can be assigned on the Committee/Group level or assigned to a specific committee/group’s by assigned funds.

62In Evaluations under Evaluation Setup click on the Assigments Workfow Function Icon to open the following screen:

Select Task Name: DropDown Menu to select the appropriate tasks that you want to assign. The menu will only show active tasks.

Select Status: Dropdown Menu to select one of the following statuses:
Committee Review
Not Selected for Award
Selected for Award
Award Accepted
Award Declined
Request Pending

Select Status Details: Dropdown Menu to select a specific Status Detail. These are custom stages and applicants are only moved to a Status Detail manually, this is not automatic. (For information on creating Status Details – See the Administration Section: How to Create Status Details

Filter By: You also can create Custom Filters or Filter By Fund. Custom filters will allow you to filter by a question that is present in your application. For example: if you only wanted a

Reviewer to review Female Applicants. You could create a custom filter to fetch Female Applicants in a particular Status and Status Detail. Once you create the filter click on the Display Applicants button. You can add as many filters as you want.

You also can Filter By Fund provided that you have set up funds, assigned them to your application, created an Adhoc Report defining the criteria and attaching that report to the Fund. When filtering by Fund a Dropdown Menu will appear with the list of funds that are assigned to the application.

Show Un-Assigned Applicants shows a listing of the applications that have not been assigned to the selected Committee/Group.

Show Assigned Applicants(s) – shows a listing of the applications that have been assigned to the selected Committee/Group.

Show All Applicants(s) shows a listing of the applicants that meet the filter by criteria.

There are several scenarios to take into consideration before you begin to filter students.

1) 1:1 Application simply filter and assign to your committee.

2)1:Many Application process – If you are assigning by funds, and applicants are eligible for multiple funds, you will need to filter by Show all Applicants and be careful that your AdHoc Reports are not filtered by a specific status so that you do not leave out any applicants.

After you have completed filtering and sorting applicants they will appear in the box on the left. You will need to choose your committee on the right from the Dropdown Menu. Committees must be active to show in the menu.

Place a checkmark in the box of the Applicants and Place a checkmark in the box of the Reviewer you want to make the assignment to.

At the bottom of both boxes you can use the Select All if you wish to place a checkmark in all the67 boxes.

Otherwise you will need to manually place a checkmark to select a specific applicant or reviewer.

One you have the checkmarks in the appropriate boxes hit the Save Assignmen Button68
the Assignments will appear in the grid below.

If you wish to change the view of the grid below you can Filter By:
Task Name
Click on Display Assignments and the grid below will show applicants based on your filters.

The following workflow functions can be perfomed for the applicants in the grid:
Remove Assignment from the grid you can remove an assignment from a reviewer
Export to Excel export the grid to excel
Notify Reviewers customize an email template will appear for you to send to your reviewers letting them know you have assigned applicants for them to review
Admin PDF generate an Admin PDF of an application(s)
Reviewer PDF  generate a Reviewer PDF of an application(s)

1.4.1 Remove Assignment from a Reviewer(s)
  • To remove an assignment or multiple assignments first filter the list by Task Name, Committee and Reviewer. Click on Display Applicants.
  •  Place a checkmark in the student you wish to remove or use the Select: All|None feature.
  • Once you have selected your applicants Click on the Remove Assignment Button
  •  Select Yes to remove the selected Assignments.

Note: Do not Delete a Reviewer when you have assigned them applicants to review. If you need to Delete a Reviewer or make a Reviewer Inactive, you need to remove their assignment before deleting them.