04. Overview Of The Home Dashboard

If you are not back at the Home Dashboard, let’s return to that screen. We are ready to take a look at the Navigation Links at the bottom of the Home Dashboard Screen.

  • The Home Page will be the first screen that will open after you login. As the items below are highlighted, please feel free to open the icon to take look. We will be discussing this in further detail as we move through the training.

If some of these icons are missing, they have been turned off for your particular role type. You may want to check with your Global Admin about getting them turned on for your use. The initial setup features for this function are located under the Administration icon on the Global Administrator’s Home Dashboard.

  • Take a look at the links on the bottom right hand corner.

Changing the name of the Icons on this home page falls under the responsibility of the Global Admin in their Administration Section.

USERSetup Users: In this Section you can:

  • Create Users (Dept. Admin, Applicants or Reviewers)
  • Edit and Change User Access or Role
  • Reset Passwords
  • These links will appear on every single screen that opens in the system. Use these links to access those sections of the system without having to return to the Home Dashboard Page.

Click on the link called Application it will direct to the area where you design and create your form.

  • Applications: The Applications link will take you to this screen:

modul4-4Applications: In this Section you can:

  • Create and Clone your Application
  • Archive Applications
  • Add Pre-Qualification Questions to your application
  • Create Sections and Questions for your application
  • Customize Request Instructions
  • Manage General Information of the application.
  • Create the Submit Message that is seen by your applicants after they submit their application.
  • Manage Custom Text Tabs for the Applicant Dashboard

Next click on the second link. In the Navigation list

  • Opportunities: The Opportunities link will take you to this screen

*Note: The second link currently reading above as Grants and Fellowships could have a different name depending on what you called that section. No matter the name of the link it will take you to the above screen.

Next click on the link called Evaluations

  • Evaluations: The Evaluations link will take you to this screen.

modul7-4Evaluations: In this Section you can:

  • View the Status of your Applicants
  • Set up your Review Process
  • Set up your Committees
  • Assign tasks for your Committees
  • Assign Applicants to Committees
  • Manage Automated Scoring
  • Evaluate Applicant:
  • Review Status
  • Review Results
  • Manage Awards
  • Perform Batch Awards
  • Review Automated Scoring Report
  • Reports Specific to the Application
  • Create and Run Ad Hoc Reports and Queries
  • Section Status Report
  • Post Award Section Complete
  • Release a Section Back to an Applicant
  • Notification Center
  • Manage Application Funds
  • Manage Funds Criteria & Information

Next click on the link called Reports:

  • Reports The Reports Link will take you to this Reports Screen.

Reports: In this Section you can:

  • Batch Award Report
  • Applicant Status
  • Overlap Report
  • Recommender Report

modul9-4Administration: In this Section you can:

  • Add and Edit Scholarship/Funds or Grants/Fellowship Search Filters
  • Manage Sponsoring Organizations
  • Create Status Details
  • Control Mapping
  • Change Password Policy
  • Application Invitation
  • Manage External System Authentication Settings
  • Manage Site Settings
  • Manage System Messages
  • Set Master Application
  • Manage Application Funds
  • Upload Applicant Credentials

modul10-4Review Application: In this Section you can:

  • Review Applicants

modul11-4Institutional Reports: In this Section you can:

  • Create and Run Institutional Reports

modul12-4Notification Center: In this Section you can:

  • Create Email Templates
  • Send Emails to Applicants

Next Click on the Help Link:

  • Help Link: Our Knowledge Base will open into a new window where you will be able to search for help guides on specific topics, print step by step instructions and open video links to watch information videos.
  • Logout Link: Clicking on the logout link will log you out of the system.

Note: For information on the above screens, we will cover that in another module.

Please use the navigation links at the bottom of the screens or us the breadcrumb navigation located under your logo. Do not hit the back arrow in your browser to travel back to a screen; doing so may kick you out of the system depending on what you are doing.