04. How To Add A User

To add a user, enter all the required information that is marked with an * (First Name, Last Name, Email, Role Type, Title and Department).

If the role type is Dept. Admin or Dept. Reporting, a sponsoring organization value is necessary for proper access privileges. The top section of the screenshot is where you enter the User’s account information. The bottom grid is the report of all the user’s currently present in the system.


If you wish to assign the password manually, select the checkbox next ‘To Assign Password Manually?’ A Password field box will open for you to enter the password. If you want the system to send the user an email to create their password skip this step and go to the next step.


After you have entered your information you can choose one of the following buttons:

Save – Save changes and remain on the page

Save & Exit – Save changes and return to the previous page

Cancel- Cancel changes and remains on the screen

Exit – Exit and return back to the Home Page. This will not save your changes. You must hit save first.