04. Editing An Existing Ad Hoc Report

You can add columns, remove columns, add additional condition filters or remove conditions filters on existing reports by clicking on the Edit icon next to that report.

Click the Save and Next Button under each section to move to the next section to make any appropriate changes to your report.

Note: Any changes you make are permanent and once you make a change and click to the Save and Next button that sections change is permanent and cannot be undone.

Editing The Condition Filters Section

When editing an existing report the Add a Condition will not be present.

button1If you want to keep the existing conditions filters but add a new line of conditions you will need to change the “and/or” field in the last line of conditional filters to the opposite of what it currently is, then the next line will appear, you may need to change it back to the previous and/or depending on how you want it to pull the next line of conditions.
If copying and existing report and you want to create a totally different set of condition filters for this report. Click the Remove all Conditions to clear all the current conditions.

button2Once you click this the conditions will disappear and the Add New Condition button will reappear to beginning adding your new set of conditions.

FINISH Be sure to click Finish to save the changes you made to the Condition Section