04. Automated Scoring Report

  • From the Home Page click on Evaluations


  • From the Evaluations screens click on any one application
  • Click on Evaluate Applicants


  • Click on Automated Scoring Report


When you click on this icon, the below screen opens up. This screen shows all the applicants along with the scores that they have obtained.


The following options are available:
  • View Automated Score Sheet: When you click on this link, it displays a detailed score sheet of the applicant. It shows individual scores that the applicant has scored for each question.
  • Applicant: Name of the applicant
  • Email Address: Email address of the applicant
  • Score: Total score that the applicant has scored for all the questions

The Blue Buttons:

  • Export to Excel : When you click on this button, and excel sheet is generated. This sheet shows the Applicant Name, Total score and individual scores for each Question.
Automated Scoring Sheet

This sheet displays the complete score sheet of an applicant. It shows what score the applicant has obtained for each question.


The following options are available:
  • Section: What section has the question that score is set on
  • Question: Name of the Question that the score is set on
  • Answer: The answer given by the applicant for the Question
  • Score: Score obtained by applicant for the question based on the answer given.
  • Total Score: Total score obtained by the applicant. It is the addition of all individual scores.