04. Associating Funds To A Common Application Form

modul-4-4-1If you have an application that has multiple funds tied to the application and you need to setup up specific criteria and reports for each fund use this feature to assign them to the application or multiple applications. You must do this first in order to set up matching fund criteria and reports on an application.

BULITSNote: there are two locations where Manage Application Funds appears:

  • Under the Administration Dashboard – Multiple application assignment – allows you to assign multiple applications at one time. (useful if you have more than one application you need to assign funds to)
  • Under the Evaluations Dashboard – Single application assignment – allows you to assign only to the one application you have currently selected to work in. (useful if working in only one application at a time and/or you do not want to give an employee access to be able to assign the funds under the administration dashboard)
  • Click on the Manage Application Funds icon. The following screen will open, and you’ll have to select an application from the dropdown menu.
  • You will need to first select the Application you want to assign the funds to by selecting and application from the dropdown menu.
  • The screen will populate Un-Assigned Funds in the left box. Only the funds that have been previously set up in the Setup Funds section, located on the Administrator’s dashboard Home page, will appear.

To assign a fund or multiple funds:

Click on the Grant Funds under the Un-Assigned section you want to assign to the application and then click the right arrow
to move to the selected Funds to box Assigned Funds box on the right. (To select multiple funds at one time you can hold down on your ctrl key while selecting multiple funds). If you want to un-assign a fund then you would do the opposite and select the left arrow to move from Assigned to Un-assigned.

Click Save to save your changes. You will receive a confirmation asking if you are sure you want to assign these funds. Click Ok to continue.

Once you have assigned the funds to a specific application the assignments will appear in a section below showing what applications have had what funds assigned to it, as follows: