04. Adding Review Committee(s) Or Group

Click on Committees from the Evaluation Setup Menu.

To create a new Committee Group, click on Add/Edit Committees button.

This will open the Create Committee Screen. Enter the Name of the Committee under the Committee Name field and click Save or Save and Exit.

You will then be directed to the Manage Committee Members Screen/Create Committee and a Status Update message will appear notifying you that the Review Committee has been updated. Click OK.
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1.3.1 How to Assign Members to a Committee
  • You can Assign Members to the Committee using the Committee Members section of the Committee Setup. You can access this one of three ways:
  • When you first create your committee this screen will automatically appear.
  • From the Committees listing you can click on the Edit Icon next to the Committee that you want to add members to.49
  • From the Committees listing Click on the Committee Name which will direct you to the Edit Committee Screen. From there you can click the Assign Members to Committee button.
1.3.2 How to Search for Committee Members
  • You can use the Search By to search for a specific user in the Mange Users index or scroll through the listing to find members to add.
  • Only users that first have been added to the CommunityForce system will appear in the listing. If you do not find the reviewer you want to select, click the Click Here to add that member as a user in the system.
  • This will open the Users section and you can enter the information to create a Committee Member Account. (click Save or Save and Exit to save them as a user.)
  • Once they have been added as a User you should then be able to see their name listed in the Manage Users box of the Committee Members assignment screen.
1.3.3 How to Add a User to the Committee

Select Committee  Enter the Name of the Committee you want to add the members to.
In the Manage Users box to the left, select the user’s name and click on the right directional arrow to assign the person to the committee. This will move them to the Assigned Committee Member(s) box to the right.
Repeat this for each user you want to add to this committee.

To remove them from the Assigned Committee Members(s) Click on their name and click on the left directional arrow to un-assign a committee member.

Click continue to save your selections and be directed back to the Committees listing.

1.3.4 How to Edit a Review Committee or Group

To Edit your Committee Name Click on the Committee Name in the Committees listing section.
This will open the Edit Committee. Enter your new name and click the Save and Exit to save your changes.

  • To Edit your Committee members assigned to a Committee from the Committees listing:
  • Click on the Edit icon next to the committee you want to edit.
  • This will open the Committee Members screen. Make your adjustments and click Continue to be directed back to the Committees listing.
1.3.5 How To Delete A Committee

In the Committees listing section click the red “X” next to the Committee that you want to delete. This will delete the entire committee.

You will receive a System Alert notifying you that the Committee members also will be deleted. Select yes if you want to delete the entire Committee.

A confirmation message will appear confirming the deletion. Click OK to return to the Edit Committee Screen.

1.3.6 How to Export Committee List to Excel

In the Committees listing section, click the Export to Excel button. This will create an Excel report of the Committees list.