03. Pre Publishing Application Testing Checklist

Application Testing Checklist:
The following are the key items that need to be completed prior to going live with your application process.

1) Confirm Build of the Application:

a. General Information

i. Confirm your deadline date and time is correct (did you include a note in the instructions to the applicant that this is EST not their location time)
ii. Logout URL is set to the correct location
iii. Reply Sent from set to the correct staff’s email address
iv. Published has been checked in the General Information
v. Enable Prequalification during applicant Sign-up – if using prequalification questions – did you remember to set this to yes?
vi. Enable View Matching Grants – if using this function did you remember to set this to yes?
vii. Enable Opt In/Apply Options – if using this along with the view matching grants (used mainly in 1application per 1 fund relationship) – Did you remember to set this to yes?
viii. Feedback from Recommenders is Mandatory – if using request sections that are mandatory – did you remember to set this to yes?
ix. Confirm the selections for the committee review process are selected correctly

1. Show Applicant to Committee
2. Show Application to Committee
3. Display committee scores

x. Acknowledgement – Used only if setting as Applicant Minimum Age – is the message to the applicant correct and understandable. (If not using, this should be left blank.)
xi. Instructions – These are the applicants dashboard instructions

1. Are you explaining to the applicant clearly how to fill out the application form?
2. Are you displaying the deadline date and time as EST?
3. Are there grammatical errors, typos?
4. Are there sections they should fill out first that they need to know about?

b. Sections

i. Are all your sections named correctly?
ii. Do you have the correct Section Type selected for the section

iii. Are the sections for your staff only – marked as a “Staff Section” – are they hidden from the applicant?
iv. Are the Sections that are Request Sections marked as “Request Section” – are they hidden from the applicant?
v. Are the sections you don’t want reviewers to view marked to Hide from Reviewer?
vi. Is the Display Order correct to how you expect the application to flow?
vii. Is the correct image showing for the section?
viii. Do you have the correct deadline date and time for that section?

1. Is it a separate date from the application or does it have its own deadline?

ix. Did you make sure you remove the submit button from appearing on sections that do not require a submit button?
x. Did you confirm the “Lock After Submit” is set correctly?
1. Does it need to lock after the fill out just this section or only when the entire application is submitted?
xi. Section Specific Instructions
1. Does the section need specific instructions entered so that the applicant understands how to complete the               section (or requested individual if this is a request section?
2. If this is a Request Section – are the instructions to the requested individual filling out this section clear so                they know how to complete the section? Do they know how to submit the form or deny the form?
3. Are there grammatical errors, typos?
xii. Did you remember to “Activate” the sections so that they appear on the application? Did you de-activate the sections you do not want to appear in your application?
xiii. Do you have conditional logic set on sections you only want to show if an applicant answers a question in another part of the application a specific way? Did you test this logic?

c. Questions
          i. Are all the necessary questions present in your application for data mining and decision making:
1. Are you including all the required questions needed to pull on for your scoring process (i.e. if needing a                     GPA score-do you have a question asking for a GPA score somewhere in your application?)
2. Are all questions included to be able to retrieve data needed for selection of grant fund eligibility?
               3. Do you have all the required questions needed for the committee reviewers and award committees to                        make their decisions?

ii. Are the questions formatted correctly:

1. Numeric fields set correctly for data you need to be able to run calculations on.
2. Are you using drop downs and check boxes efficiently (i.e. you need to know the college the applicant is attending – do you want them to type this – risking spelling errors or abbreviations – or do you want them to pick from a dropdown listing so that you get an exact match to be able to pull and filter that data into criteria reports or automated scoring?
3. For File upload are all the accepted file types entered so that they can upload needed documents.
4. If entering text are you using the appropriate type for Text or Essay so that the applicant has plenty of space to enter their required answer? Do you have the word count minimum and maximums, set if needed?
5. Are there typos in any of the Question Names to be corrected

iii. Required If the question is required, did you remember to mark it as “required” so that the question is not missed.
iv. Hidden From Reviewer If the question is not to be seen by the review committee did you remember to mark it as “Hidden From Reviewer”?
v. Display Order Is the question in the right Display order for easy flow of the application?
vi. Conditional Logic Did you set all the necessary conditional logic so that the appropriate questions hide or appear depending on how other questions are answered? Did you test your logic?
vii. If there is a question you do not want to appear on the application – did you remember to mark it as “Excluded”?

2) Confirm Email Templates Set up correctly with correct message, no grammatical errors or typos.

a. Password: New Account confirmation same message sent to all users in the system
i. When applicant creates their own account prior to login
ii. When Admin creates an account for a user in the Users Setup section

b. Password: Admin Changed password message to all users
c. Password: Forgot Password message to all users
d. Password: Password change confirmation User has changed their own password – message to all users
e. Application: Additional information Request sent to applicant when requested by the Administrator to complete a section after submittal.
f. Application: Deleted message to applicant when they delete their entire application
g. Application: Request from Applicant (Default email) for Request Sections – Email to Recommended individual requesting to fill out a section on behalf of the applicant
i. Are you including the Comment section in this email?
ii. If using more than 1 request section are there different email messages you want to send for each. Did you create the templates for these?
iii. Did you connect the correct template to the correct request section?

h. Application: Request completed Email to Applicant once recommended individual has completed the request section
i. Application: Request Declined Email to Applicant notifying them that the individual they recommended to complete a request section has denied the request. Do you give applicant next step instructions in this email?
j. Application: Submit Confirmation submit confirmation email sent to applicant once they submit their application
k. Application: Withdrawn email to applicant when they click to withdraw their application from their dashboard.

3)  Confirm Pre-Qualification Questions section – If using pre-qualification questions
a. Are these set with the correct combination?
i. When testing and logging into the application the first time, did these questions appear and did it allow you to enter the correct combination?
b. Is the Denial Message set up and is it appearing when correct combination is not met?
i. Check for grammatical errors, typos.
4) Confirm Manage Application Submit Message setup– online message to applicants when the submit their application
     a. Is the message clear on their next steps?
b. Are their grammatical errors, typos?
5) Confirm Request Instructions – message to the applicant on how to use this section.
a. Does the message explain how to use this section and how to recommend an individual to fill out a section on their behalf?
b. Are there grammatical errors, typos?
6) Confirm Text Tabs – (if using)
a. Did you remember to mark them as published?
b. Are there grammatical errors, typos?

Test Application flow:
After you have confirmed the build of the application, it is always a good idea to test the application from the applicant’s perspective.
1) Create an applicant profile login using a different login email from your admin account.
a. Did you receive the new account confirmation email?
2) View Grant Applications – are your available grant applications displaying as expected?
3) Apply for an application Click to Apply
4) Pre-qualification questions – If you have pre-qualification questions, did these appear and did the login combination work as expected?
a. Test this both ways to confirm the deny message is appearing as expected, you will need to test the wrong way first, then login and test the correct combination.

5) Dashboard Instructions – Are the application’s dashboard instructions displaying correctly?
6) Sections – Are the section’s appearing as expected and in the order you wanted them to.
a. Are the sections that should be hidden until a specific question is answered showing or are they hidden as expect?
b. Are each sections’ instructions layout appearing as expected?

7) Questions Answer the questions and confirm all conditional logic.
a. Are the questions, appearing and disappearing?
b. Are numeric, date, phone, email and text questions taking the correct formats?
c. If you have calculations questions, are those calculations correct and adding the correct values?
d. Upload a document, did it upload properly?
e. Are essay questions set for the correct word limit?
f. If you created bubble instructions – how are they appearing?
g. If you have sections that are to appear according to how questions are answered. Answer those questions using all the appropriate scenarios, to confirm that logic is functioning properly.

8) Confirm Request Section (test all request sections, not just one of them) – Recommend yourself in the request section so that you get the email, using a different email than the one you used to create the test applicant account – (i.e. you can use your admin account email for this option), and enter date in the comment field (if using in your email template)
a. Confirm the email is sent to your address as intended.
b. Click on the link in the email to be directed to the request section – is it going to the right section, is the instructions on the section clear so that the recommender understands what they are to do on that section?
c. Are you able to upload documents?
d. Are calculation fields calculating?
e. If essay/comment fields – word limit correct length?
f. Test if the recommender does not yet submit but saves for later. Can they still access later using the same email and link?
g. Submit Request Section does this submittal send an email to the applicant that it has been completed? Does this submittal show on the applicant dashboard request section as completed for that recommender?
h. Confirm that if the recommender denies request – email is going to applicant and denied is showing on the applicants request section recommendation for that recommender. Test the ability to re-assign a recommender.
9) Confirm Text Tabs if using – Tabs showing as expected?
10) View Matching Grants button If using the View Matching Grants – answer questions within the application that apply specifically to those Grants?
a. Are the correct eligible grants appearing, when the correct eligibility questions are answered?
11) Preview & Submit your completed application
a. Did you get both the online confirmation and the email confirmation