03. Editing System Templates

  • Open the Notification Center.
  • The email templates are created for each individual application, therefore, you will need to choose the appropriate application that you want to edit/create the template for.


  • Select an application from the dropdown menu. Applications must be published in order to appear in the dropdown list.


  • Once you have selected an application the current templates that are available for the specified application will appear:


System Templates:
System email templates are automatically generated by the system when you create a new application and are linked to their specific features within the application process (i.e. Release A Section For An Applicant email is automatically generated when you click the Save and Email button when Releasing a Section back to the applicant to complete).

System – Global: These are System templates that apply to all applications and are not application specific.

They include the following, before going live please edit appropriately to your process:

k.Application: Additional information Request – sent to applicant when requested by the Administrator to complete a section after submittal.

l. Application: Deleted – message to applicant when they delete their entire application

m. Application: Request from Applicant (Default email) for Request Sections – Email to Recommended individual requesting to fill out a section on behalf of the applicant

  • Are you including the Comment section in this email?
  • If using more than 1 request section are there different email messages you want to send for each. Did you create the templates for these?
  • Did you connect the correct template to the correct request section?

n. Application: Request completed – Email to Applicant once recommended individual has completed the request section

o. Application: Request Declined – Email to Applicant notifying them that the individual they recommended to complete a request section has denied the request. Do you give applicant next step instructions in this email?

p. Application: Submit Confirmation – submit confirmation email sent to applicant once they submit their application.

q. Application: Withdrawn – email to applicant when they click to withdraw their application from their dashboard.

Custom: Custom Email templates are created by the administrator. Custom email templates cannot be linked to any other features of the system and are sent using the Notify Tab.