03. Batch Awards

The Batch awards allow the administrator to award funds to the applicants either individually or in batch by the specific application fund.

  • From the Home Page click on Evaluations


  • From the Evaluations screens click on the application you are wanting to batch the awards for.
  • Click on Evaluate Applicants


  • Click on Batch Awards


  • Once you click on Batch Awards the following screen is displayed:


Grants/Funds Title: This is the name of the grant fund you are awarding from.

All Applicants
  • Amount Available – pulling from the Grant Fund Setup Annual Budget that you initially established for this specific fund.
  • Initial Award – total that has been awarded to applicants so far
  • Final Award – final awarded total from that fund
  • Initial Award – remaining balance to be awarded from that fund
  • Final Award – total remaining balance that was remaining after all applicants were award from that fund.

(Use your scroll bar at the bottom of the page to scroll your screen right to left to view all the available columns.)

Search By: Allows you to search for a specific applicant and award just to that specific applicant.
Filter by Status/Status Details: Allows you to filter the report to view only applicants under a specific status or status detail.

The following options are available in the reporting grid:

  • Applicant Score: Click the Applicant score icon to see the Applicant score card for that applicant
  • Application Details: Click on Application Details to see the Applicants Award details
  • Applicant: The name of the applicant, clicking on the applicant name allows you to view the applicant’s application dashboard
  • Email ID: Email ID of the applicant
  • Total Score: Total score given by reviewers to the applicant
  • Initial Award – Initial award amount total given to that applicant
  • Final Award – The final award total given to that applicant
  • Comment – comment that can be entered by the administrator processing the awards regarding the award given to the applicant
  • Status: Status of the applicant
  • Status Details: Status Details of the applicant
The Blue Buttons:
  • Admin PDF - A PDF document of the applicant’s application along with all attached documents that has all sections available for the administrator’s to view.
  • Reviewer PDF - A PDF document of the applicant’s application along with all attached documents. Only the sections/question that have been to be shown to the reviewers will appear in the PDF document.
  • Export to Excel: Allows you to export the complete report in an excel
  • Notify: Allows you to notify an applicant. When you click on Notify, the below screen pops up. You can use the screen to send a notification to the applicant.


  • Update Final Award - Select the applicant you are completed with awarding and click the Update Final Award to update the final award total for that applicant.
  • Edit Mode - Click the edit mode button to award a multiple group of applicants at once. The award entry fields will open next to each individual applicant for you fill in and complete the awarding in batch. The following is how the report grid will appear while in the Edit Mode:


Once you have entered your data. Click the Save button to save your changes. Clicking Cancel will cancel all the awarding you currently just entered.