02. Updating Status Details (optional)

Status Details are global and are available on all applications. When you click on the Status Detail Icon on the Administration Dashboard it will open the table grid showing all the current Status Details you have created on your CommunityForce system

Active – Yes Active Status Details you have available to select from within your applications.

Active – No Not active Status Details and you do not have them available to select from with your applications.

Sort order the order they are displayed in the dropdown of the application.

2.1 Adding a new Status Detail:

Click on the Add a Status Detail button modul-5-2-2
The following screen will open:

Add the following information: (items marked with an (*) are required fields and must be filled in.

*Application Stage Enter a name for the Status Detail

*Description Enter a brief description to describe the use for this Status Detail

*Sort Order This is the display order given to each Status Detail and is the order it will be displayed in the dropdown menu selection menu when selecting the Status Detail within you applications.

Active Select this if you want this Status Detail to appear as an option when selecting Status Details within all your applications.

Save Saves the information but stays on the page

Save and Exit Saves the information and returns you back to viewing only the Status Details table grid.

Cancel Clears all data you entered and stays on the page

Exit Does not save any data you entered and returns you back to viewing only the Status Details table grid.

2.2 Editing an existing Status:

While on the Status Details table grid, you can select one of the following actions to edit and existing Status Detail
Edit To make an item inactive or to change the name, description or sort order, you will need to click the Edit button to the left of a Status Detail in the table grid to open the Status Details information on the top portion of the page. Make the necessary changes and save.
Delete to delete an “unused” Status Detail, click on the red “x” to the left of the Status Detail. A confirmation message will appear confirming the delete. Click yes to continue with the deleting.

NOTE: If you no longer want a Status Detail to appear as an option in your applications, you do not want to delete it once it has been used in an application. Deleting an existing Status Detail will remove the historical data for those applicants that you originally used that Status Detail on. You will need to mark that Status Detail as Active – No by clicking on the Edit Icon next to the Status Detail, and unchecking the Active box on the edit page. Be sure to save your changes.

Make changes to the status and choose one of the following options:

Buttons at the Top and Bottom:
Save Save changes and remain on the page
Save & Exit Save changes and return to the previous page
Cancel Cancel changes and remain on the page
Exit Undo changes and return to the previous page

2.3 Deleting an Existing Status:
  • Find the status you wish to edit. Click on the icon to delete the status.
  • A new window will open asking you to confirm you want to delete the status:
  • Click OK to continue.