02. Setting Up Search Filters

2.1 Setup Funds (Scholarship/Research Grants/Fellowship) Search Filters

Used for the 1:1 Process
BULITSNOTE: Your system has pre-loaded search filter questions that may not be specific to your organization. If you are not using this feature, you will want to make all the questions inactive. If you are using this option, then you will need to edit the questions according to your organizations, needs.

This feature allows the Global Administrator to set all applicable fund eligibility criteria questions for all the funds that will be set up in the CommunityForce system. When the applicant searches on specific eligibility criteria(s) they are then directed to the appropriate fund(s) that they qualify to apply for according to what they selected. When there are multiple fund applications available, this is most helpful to the applicant, keeping them from having to scroll through pages of available funds to find only those that they are eligible for. If using this feature, the Global Administrator, will need to first set up all the fund eligibility criteria questions available for all funds that are being applied for using the CommunityForce Application process. The eligibility criteria will need to be setup prior to entering the Individual Fund information. (For more information on setting up funds, see Setup Grants/Fellowships/Scholarships)

Below is an example of the Welcome Search Screen that the applicant sees when entering the CommunityForce system. The Search by Grant(s) Eligibility is where the Search Filter settings are displayed to the applicant.

From the Administration Dashboard click on the Workflow Function Icon:

The screen below will open:

NOTE: There are only 20 available pre-designed questions for search criteria filters.

Edit Click to edit the criteria filter

Up or Down moves the placement of the filter order as it appears on the Welcome Search Page

Sort Order sets the order of the filter on the Welcome Search Page

Active Sets the search criteria as active and available for selection on the Welcome Search
page as well as adding to Fund eligibility when setting up your funds in the Fund setup. (You may at times have criteria filter questions that no longer apply, so you can make them not active so that they do not continue to appear when setting future eligibility of funds going forward)

Yes – this is an active criterion to pull on and viewable on the Welcome Search page
No – this criteria is not active for selection in a fund or viewable on the Welcome Search

Hidden from Search – allows you to create search filter questions, that are shown on the fund page but not available on the Welcome Search Page. However, it will show on the Fund description page, hides only from the initial Welcome Search screen only.

Yes Hides the search filter from the Welcome Search page
No Search criteria is viewable on the Welcome Search page
External Name the search filter question name that is shown on the Welcome Search Page

Internal Name the search filter question name that is shown for internal purpose only. Usually an abbreviated version that is understandable to internal staff within your organization.

Filter Types set how the criteria values are displayed to when selecting the specific filter for the search question type.

Drop Down a dropdown list that allows only single selection of item
MultiSelect a dropdown list that allows multiple selections of an item within a criteria filter

List Items listing of the available value replies for the search filter question. Separate each individual value with the tilde symbol (~).

Future Use Items that are currently not active that are available to be edited and used as needed by your organization. (Unused filters).

Save Saves changes and remains on the page
Save and Exit Save changes and returns to the Administration Dashboard
Cancel Cancels changes and remains on the page
Exit Does not save any changes and returns to the Administration Dashboard

2.2 Adding Search Filters for Fund (Optional)

This feature is used to help an applicant search for funds, by criteria groups that they may be eligible for, prior to applying. Prior to setting up search filters specific to a Grant/Fund, Global search filters must be crea

  • If your organization has set up Global search filters than you will see a listing of all the available Search Filters to select from under the Search Filters section.
  • If your organization is not using the Global Search filters than this section will be empty and selection will not be available.
  • When the list first appears all the items will be marked as “Active No”
  • If a search criteria in the listing applies to this Grant/Fund you will need to activate it by clicking on the Edit icon next to each of the required search filters you want to allow for this specific grant/fund.

Options Available will show a drop down of all the possible replies need to search for this grant/fund. Select all that apply by putting a checkbox in each and then clicking OK.

  • Next select the “Active: Yes” to make this filter active. Click Save.
  • Note: If you do not activate each search filter that applies the applicant will not be able to locate this grant/fund when performing the initial application search on the criteria.
  • Save or Save & Exit
    Select to save any information you have added or updated in the Grants/Funds Setup Form.
  • Exit without Save
    Select to exit the Grants/Funds Setup Form without saving any information that has been added or updated.
  • Rest Form
    Clears the form and allows you to re-enter data.