02. Review Status – Introduction

Review Status allows the Administrator to see the Task status of all the specific tasks you have set up in your review process. This is a review per task. In the review results you can view the task and see how far the reviewers have gotten in reviewing their applicants. You can see how many applicants the reviewers have completed and what still needs to be completed.

  • From the Home Page click on Evaluations


  • From the Evaluations Application screen click on the application you want to review
  • Click on Evaluate Applicants


  • Click on Review Status


  • Once you click on the Review Status the following screen appears:


Review Status report features

Task –
The task number that was assigned to the sort order of this task

Task Name –
The name of the task

Number of Assignments –
The total number of reviewer assignments in that task. This is not the count per applicant it is the count for the total of reviewer assignments. (i. e. you have three separate reviewers assigned to one applicant – this would equal three assignments)

Incomplete and Complete –
shows the number of the assignments that have been accomplished by the reviewers.

  • Clicking on the individual Task Name opens the Applicant Score Card (All Applicants).


  • Clicking on the individual Task Name opens the Applicant Score Card (All Applicants).


Applicant Score Card (All Applicants)

In the applicant score card each applicant is listed multiple times according to the Reviewers assigned to them.

Score Sheet –
Clicking on the score sheet next to each applicant’s name allows you to see how the reviewer, associated on the row you selected, answered the task specific questions for that applicant.

View Application -
Clicking on the View Application will allow you to view the Application Summary of the Applicant and any required attached documents that were included in their application process.

Applicant –
Clicking on the Applicant’s name will allow you to open and view the applicant’s application dashboard.

Email –
The applicant’s email address.

Reviewers –
The actual reviewer assigned to the applicant.

Committee –
The committee that the assigned reviewer is a member of

Completed –
The total percentage completed that that specific reviewer has completed for that specific applicant on that task.

Score –
The individual reviewer’s total score that they gave to that specific applicant on that task.

Lock/Unlock Documents –
Allows you to view the documents without having to open the application summary.