01. Introduction To Review Applicants

1.1 Introduction to Review Applicants

Review Applicants allows the Applicant Reviewer to view their assigned applicant’s application, supporting materials and complete the score sheet for a specific Evaluation Task.

Review Applicants:
When the Reviewer logs in to the site the following screen is displayed:


Note: If you are an administrator and have been assigned applications to review, you will need to select Review Applicants from your login Home page.


Grants/Fellowships -
The listing of all the Grants/Fellowships the reviewer has been assigned to review applicants’ applications for.

Task No. -
The Task order level Evaluation Task is in the review process for the specific Grant/Fellowship.

Evaluation Tasks -
The Grant/Fellowship’s Evaluation Task that the reviewer has been assigned to complete the score sheet for.

Number of Applicants -
The number of applicants’ applications for the specific Grant/Fellowship that the reviewer has been assigned to review for the specific Evaluation Task.

Completed -
The total of applicants that the reviewer has completed the review and scored the applicant for the specific Evaluation Task.

View Applicants:
To see the listing of the Applicants assigned, click on the expand button to the left of the Grant/Fellowship. The following listing will open up below it.


This listing shows all the applicants assigned to the reviewer for that Grant/Fellowship’s Evaluation Task and the reviewer’s current Percentage Completed status, Score given, and Scoring Comments made for the applicant.

The Percentage Completed must show 100% for the scoring of that applicant to be complete.