01. Accessing Manage Awards

- From the Home Page click on Evaluations.


-From the Evaluations screens click on any one application.

- Click on Evaluate Applicants


- Click on Manage Awards


- Once you click on Manage Awards the following screen is displayed:


The following options are available:

  • Grant/Fellowships Title: Displays all the funds associated with the application. By default, when the screen loads, it displays all the applicants that have applied for the application. When you select any particular fund from the Grant/Fellowships Title, it filters the grid and shows only those applicants that are eligible for the selected fund. The eligibility of the applicants is based on the Ad hoc report associated with the Fund in “Manage Funds Criteria Information” screen.
  • Applicant Score: Click the Applicant score icon to see the score card of the applicant
  • Application Details: Click on Application Details to see the Applicant Award details
  • Applicant: The name of the applicant
  • Email ID: Email ID of the applicant
  • Status: Status of the applicant
  • Status Details: Status Details of the applicant
  • Total Score: Total score given by reviewers to the applicant
  • Automated Score: Automated score of the applicant.
The Blue Buttons:
  • Export to Excel: Allows you to export the complete report in an excel
  • Notify:- Allows you to notify an applicant. When you click on Notify, the below screen pops up. You can use the screen to send a notification to the applicant.