Application Form Setup

1. Creating a Form

a) Academic Year

Question: How do I change the Academic Year in the General Information?

Answer/Root Cause: We have noticed that some clients need to change the parameters of the academic year. Depending on what start and deadline date you enter for the application he will automatically set the academic year.

Question: How do I not show the Academic Year to the applicants?

Answer/Root Cause: There is currently no way to hide the accademic year from applicants.

b) Acknowledgement

Question: In the General Information Section – when do they see the Acknowledgment: (Will be displayed in Applicant Acknowledgment)

Answer/Root Cause: The Acknowledgement is for when a student does not meet the min age when creating an account.

c) Adding Reply email

Question: If I use the Reply Send form do the emails come back to me?

Answer/Root Cause: Reply Sent from: This would be the email address of the key contact person responsible for communicating to/from the applicants and reviewers during the application process. When setting up emails in the Notification Center – Email Templates, if the merge field Reply-To-Email is available for use in a template, this is the item that the merge field would be linking to.

d) Changing Time Zone

Question: How do I change the time zone from Eastern to Pacific or other time zone?

Answer/Root Cause:There is currently no way for you to change the time zone.

2. Generic Question

a) Misc.

Question: The application was still accepting submissions after the deadline into the next day

Answer/Root Cause:

Question: Receiving an error when trying to use CommunityForce application as iFrame

Answer/Root Cause: CF doesn’t support this

Question: HTML syntax comes when we copy paste any content in editor box

Answer/Root Cause: We will look into their editor boxes and check their HTML. IF it needs to be changed we alert the client what needs changed.

Question: What does Section or Question XML mean?

Answer/Root Cause: XML name given to the question for linking data to external databases or other applications for report pulling and data export/import.

3. Managing Text Tabs

Question: I want the applicants to see the text tabs prior to entering the application.

Answer/Root Cause: That function is coming on March update of the product.

Question: I sent up text tabs, but there are not showing on the applicant dashboard?

Answer/Root Cause: When setting up text tabs you need to publish the page by checking the Published checkbox and uncheck this box to remove it from applicants viewing it.

4. Request Question

Question: What is a request section?

Answer/Root Cause: Request Sections require the applicant to assign a designated person to fill out a specific section on their behalf. If the administrator, when initially setting up the application in Create New Application or Clone Existing Application screen, marked the Feedback from Recommenders is Mandatory as YES, it becomes mandatory for the applicant to assign this section to the another person. When using this section an email is sent to the person the applicant has designated and gives them a link they can click on to access this specific section within the application. This section is private and not view able by the applicants, but the applicant can see when the designee has completed this section or if the designee has rejected their request. Questions can be created, by the administrator, that the designee can answer regarding the applicant as well as upload any documents that may be requested of them. This is useful when requesting student transcripts, entrance exam scores, letters of recommendations, etc.

Question: Please can someone retrieve the reference data for the following SUBMITTED applications – if it exists? These sections are showing up as 100% COMPLETE but there is no data in them.

Answer/Root Cause: We checked our logs for all the below mentioned applicants. We did not find any missing data or deleted data. From our logs, it appears that the recommenders never entered any information in the non-required fields.

5. Setting up Pre-Qualification Question

Question: On the Prequalify – why can’t I report on the questions?

Answer/Root Cause:No, there is no information being saved. Only data being recorded who is being rejected and who is being accepted.

Question: On the Prequalify – why can’t I use logic?

Answer/Root Cause: The prequalify question are meant to only be a few yes or no questions to help save applicants time before applying. For more advanced criteria that would need to be entered into the application form.

Question: On the Prequalify – why are the only options Yes and No?

Answer/Root Cause:The prequalify question are meant to only be a few yes or no questions to help save applicants time before applying. For more advanced criteria that would need to be entered into the application form.

Question: Pre Qualification questions not working correctly

Answer/Root Cause: Pre Qualification questions might not have set up correctly.

6. Setting up Questions

a) Adding Various Question Type

b) Deleting Question

Question: How do I delete a question that has dependencies?

Answer/Root Cause: You can’t delete because you have applicant data tied to that question. You must use the exclude feature.

c) Excluding Questions

Question: What does excluding a question do?

Answer/Root Cause: It hides the question from the applicant’s point of view.

d) Hiding a Questions

Question: What is a purpose of hiding a question from an applicant?

Answer/Root Cause: There may be questions within the application that you do not want to be visible to the applicant but that can be answered by the Admin and viewable to the reviewers. (i.e. score results, calculated questions, document uploads by the Admin, etc.)

e) Question Logic

Question: I am having trouble setting up logic in my application and need assistance.

Answer/Root Cause: Have you had a chance to view or help guide that goes in great detail on how to set up logic? Application Form Setup

Question: In my section titled Education Information, I am having problems on the conditions. I believe the fields are showing for the 2nd Institution, but I do not want them to show until they’ve checked that ‘Yes’ they want to add another institution. I must have a condition set incorrectly somewhere

Answer/Root Cause: On the second Institution question the logic was set at “If Empty” not “Does not contain” yes, So I went and changed it for you and it is now working correctly.

f) Unable to Add Question

Question: I created a question, I need to repeat question and I am getting a message that the XML already exists. I don’t understand.

Answer/Root Cause: There cannot be two of the same XMLs in the application. If you have multiples of the same question you can set your XML like this State1, State2, State3 etc..

7. Setting up Sections

a) Extending Deadline

Question: How do I extend my request section deadline?

Answer/Root Cause: To edit an existing section within an application, while in the Sections listing select the Edit icon next to the section to be edited. In that section you are able to change the section deadline.

Question: Once the Referee has submitted, it should be locking them out but is currently allowing them to go back in and make changes and resubmit.

Answer/Root Cause: This happened when you have not locked the section after submit. You need to apply lock to a section after submit.

b) Section Logic

Question: I am unable to add logic to a question the section/question or the section I am working on is not in the dropdown?

Answer/Root Cause: To add logic to a question the section must be activated. After a section is created you will need to activate that section for the application. Click on the Activate Section check box next to the section you want to include in the application and click “Save”. If there is not a check mark in the box the section will not appear on the applicant’s dashboard. When cloning applications and there are sections from the cloned application appearing that you do not want to include in the new application, to de-activate unclick the Activate Section check box and click “Save”.

Question: My section I cloned from another application did not clone the logic.

Answer/Root Cause: The system is unable to pull conditional logic from another application’s section when cloning.

Question: I set conditions but my links are still blue?

Answer/Root Cause: The conditions will change to green if you edit and saveaquestions or go out of the screen and back into the screen.

c) Submit Button on Sections

Question: In the Section setup – what does the Show Submit Button do?

Answer/Root Cause: That is mainly used for a Signature section it allows the applicant to submit that section then they will no longer be allowed to edit that section.

Question: Why does the submit button show on every section in an application?

Answer/Root Cause: That is a setting that you can change in section setup page. Its called “Show submit button:”

Managing User Account

1. Creating User Account

Question: Why does title and department have to be required when you create a user?

Answer/Root Cause: At this time title and department are required fields. In the future release we make them optional.

Question: Why do I have a type: Non-CF or CF?

Answer/Root Cause: Please disregard this. This function is for single sign on.

Question: NetID exists issue while trying to create New Users without entering the NetID

Answer/Root Cause: NetId is optional field, if you are facing any problem please try to avoid and try again.

Question: System is allowing special characters while creating a User.

Answer/Root Cause:yes it allows some special character like @ ‘ – _ .

2. Deleting a User

Question: Can I delete a user? What happens to their application or if reviewer and they have reviewed?

Answer/Root Cause: Yes you can delete an user but that will delete all their data associated with that account. That includes applications/scores/Etc…

Question: I made a test account how do I delete it?

Answer/Root Cause: You can delete that test account by going to the User section and clicking the red x next to the account you created.

3. Viewing Password

Question: How do I see applicants/Reviewers/Etc. passwords?

Answer/Root Cause: Passwords are encrypted and cannot be seen by any user of the system. The only option to get the password is to reassign password manually by editing a user profile or having the user use the reset password function

Question: I accidently created the wrong password. Can I change the password?

Answer/Root Cause: Yes you can go into the user section and manually assign the user another password.

Setting Up

1. Administration Section

a) Application Invitation

Question: Is there a way for me to open up an application to just one student and actually have it work? How do I get the link?

Answer/Root Cause: Yes you can.

1) Go to “Application Invitation” under the Administration section.
2) Select your application (your application should not be published)
3) Invite your applicants
4) Find their emails in the user section of the system and write them down on a piece of paper
5) Use this link to send to your invited applicants: http://[Site URL]
6) Write an email outside of the system and send the link, or enter them into a custom template in the system and send the email

b) General Queries

Question: Can I set more than one Master Template?

Answer/Root Cause: No you can only set up one Master Template.

Question: Does the application automatically capture and save all there personal information when the begin the application? Our president wanted to make sure we have that information saved even if they do not complete or submit the application.

Answer/Root Cause: Yes, if the applicant starts an application, any information they have completed will be saved even if they do not submit.

c) Manage System Messages

Question: I am confused on what these system message mean.

Answer/Root Cause: It might be helpful to go threw the system messages and make sure everything is very straight forward.

Question: Can I create my own system messages or delete existing system messages?

Answer/Root Cause: Yes you can here is a help guide on how to do that. [Admin Module Page 25-27]

Question: Is there a way to alert an admin when applications are submitted? Jerry was hoping to receive alerts when application were submitted, so he can have an idea on how many application are coming through.?

Answer/Root Cause: Currently there is not an automatic alert when an applicant submits, this is going to be added as a capability in our next release. Until then he can go to the Applicant Status section and filter by the Status: Submitted. (default when you first enter the section is “all”) Once he filters the “Number of Applicants:” will show only the number of the Submitted applicants

Question: How do I know which system message belongs with which workflow function if I want to edit it?

Answer/Root Cause: You can check and edit in manage system messages.

d) Setting up Search Filters

Question: Search Filters, How do they work andwhy is there information currentlly populated that does not apply to me?

Answer/Root Cause: Have you had a chance to view or help guide that goes in great detail on how to use Search Criteria

e) Site Settings

Question: Why are my names of my workflow function icons not the same as what is mentioned in the Help Guide?

Answer/Root Cause: The icon names can be changed under control mapping in the admin section.

Question: Swap the current logo with a new logo; Change Logo on the site

Answer/Root Cause: Client needs to go to Site Settings in Administration section, and upload the logo there.

Question: I will be revising my Troops to Trades application. I would like to open it up to a few people who are assisting me in the revision process so they can log in like applicants and test the new application. I don’t see how to do this without opening it up to everyone. I have tried to put it on a different landing page, but it still showed up on my main landing page. Is there a way to open it to just my testers?

Answer/Root Cause: There is an application Invitation Process that can be used for this purpose. My suggestion in this case would be to simply publish the fund and the application and leave it one for 5 minutes. Within that time frame please have your test users start an application using the form. As soon as they start the application please unpublish the fund. This way they would have started their application and can continue testing it. This way the applicant can use the application after unpublish. Only caveat is that once he return to home page application will vanish since it not published. But once he is logged in he can go to my application page and continue using the application.

Question: I went into Administration; Site Settings thinking this is where I change the signature line in emails and it is set up to what I am wanting it to read . In a email I sent out changing a reviewers password the email was sent with the signature line something different .

Answer/Root Cause: There are 2 options to display signature in email for password reset.

1) Log into system and directly go to manage user screen. – It will fetch from site setting page which is (Central Kansas Community Foundation)
2) Log into system and select an application under evaluation then go to manage user screen. – It will fetch from Grant setup page This is because when you select any application the application id is passed to all the page, and hence it fetches from Grant setup page. If the system is unable to find application id then it takes default from site setting page.

2. Assigning

Question: When assigning reports to the funds the listing for Adhoc Reports will not show any reports to pull over to be able to set the eligibility on the fund to link to that report. Also, when you click the Select next to the fund you want to select the report for, the page jumps to a listing of different scholarships than the one you are trying to set the eligibility report on.

Answer/Root Cause: You can use the search option available on Adhoc report.

Question: I’m working on assigning tasks for myself and the scholarship committee and I’m trying to tie the Reid Dependent Ad Hoc Report (which is pulling the correct students that are eligible 20 of them) however it’s giving me an error message. I was on a conference call this morning with Maggie and she had to tweak the Reid Graduate Ad Hoc Report to make it work properly on the assigning tasks section. Could someone help me fix the logic so it will take it in the section. The Reid Dependent Ad Hoc is pulling the correct information but it’s not in a format that will be accepted by the assigning tasks section where you select which scholarship report you want the system to use. Thank you!!

Answer/Root Cause: The adhoc report needed to be grouped into three groups.

3. Evaluation Process Reviewing Applicants Status

a) Application Status

Question: What is the purpose of status vs status detail?

Answer/Root Cause: Here is a help guide that goes into great detail on what the differences are. [please refer to Page 8] Module 5 – Managing Your Evaluation Process

Question: Although parents log-in and enroll their children in the program, I need to know how to review applications based on the children’s names, and the parent’s name (who created the account).

Answer/Root Cause: For Reviewing of applicants we have a help guide. please refer below help guide for reviewer process.

Review Applicants And Score Sheets
And if you wish to assign a applicant to a reviewer, please follow the below help guide.

Setting Up Reviewers And Scorecards

4. Evaluation /View Student Application

a) Assigning Members to Committee

Question: I already assigned some one to a committee group and now I can’t find them to assign them to another group?

Answer/Root Cause: Ths is because you chose the wrong fund when you went to filter, you need to remove the assignments and assign the proper fund.

c) Score Card

Question: How can I preview my score card?

Answer/Root Cause:Currently there is not way to preview your scorecard without creating assign an applicant for you to review.

Question: Why can’t I copy or clone a scorecard?

Answer/Root Cause: We are always open to ideas on improving the system,

5. Generic Question

a) Misc.

Question: How do I get columns added to the grid that I want to see?

Answer/Root Cause: We add columns in Adhoc report while creating Criteria based reports.

Question: How do I get columns added to Export to Excel that I want to see?

Answer/Root Cause: while generating dynamic question from achoc report you can add the columns.

Question: How do I preview an entire application?

Answer/Root Cause: You can preview application by selecting Preview Application Button on Student dashboard.

Question: I don’t like how the application summary looks, How do I change it?

Answer/Root Cause: Currently there is no way to change what the application summary looks like.

Question: Can we have a Url question type?I need to enter a hyperlink to a You Tube video – how do I do that in a text box?

Answer/Root Cause: Use hyperlink option using editor while creating a question.

Question: The instructions I have do not match with my question options.

Answer/Root Cause: People do not setup values correctly, they use a different label from the value sometimes it causes a problem. For instance the label could read Yes and No on a radio button, the value could be 1 for Yes/0 for No – and it will cause issues with logic and answering the radio button.

Question: I have changed the Theme of application which is not working properly

Answer/Root Cause: Please hold for couple of minutes and Press Ctrl + f5

6. Manage Funds Criteria Information

Question: If I change the anAdhoc Report that is tied to a fund, do I need to update that report in the Manage Funds Criteria Information section?

Answer/Root Cause:No if it is changed on the Adhoc Report it will automatically update in the Manage funds Criteria information page.

Question: If I delete an Adhoc Report that is tied to a fund, what happens?

Answer/Root Cause: You would no longer have a criteria report attached to that fund.

7. Notification Center-Email Templates

a) Email merge Fields

Question: How do I add missing merge fields on templates that do not have all the information?

Answer/Root Cause:Have you had a chance to view our Notification Center – Email Templates help guide?

Notification Center – Email Templates

Question: Merge fields not getting replaced in Email Templates

Answer/Root Cause: Make sure you don’t enter any space in merge fields. We request you to copy/type the exact merge field syntax.

Question: Project Title not getting replaced in Email Templates

Answer/Root Cause: Make sure the project title should be present in project info section. Make sure you don’t enter any space in merge fields. We request you to copy/type the exact merge field syntax.

Question: {Section Due Date} not getting replaced in Email Templates

Answer/Root Cause: Make sure you don’t enter any space in merge fields. We request you to copy/type the exact merge field syntax.

b) Email Templates

Question: Email are not going out to recommender’s

Answer/Root Cause: Email template not set up for Nomination

Question: When the grant admin account creates the reviewers why do they get the same template that the applicants get when they create their account?

Answer/Root Cause:

Question: What is an email template?

Answer/Root Cause:Have you had a chance to view our Notification Center – Email Templates help guide?

Notification Center – Email Templates

Question: What is the difference between, global templates, custom templates and system email templates?

Answer/Root Cause: Have you had a chance to view our Notification Center – Email Templates help guide?

Notification Center – Email Templates

Question: Can we change the drop down value select to Global email templates?

Answer/Root Cause: In the Notification Center – Email Templates in order for me to see Global email templates I have to use select, why not have it just read, Global Email Templates?

Question: When you create a recommendation template, which one do I use to create it?

Answer/Root Cause: The naming is not consistent. Use the Add New Nomination Template.

Question: Admins unable to edit System – Global Email templates.

Answer/Root Cause: They need to Select a Drop down First

8. Review Applicants and Score Sheets

Question: How doI get total scores and averages in the AdHoc report?

Answer/Root Cause: Have you had a chance to view our report help guide?

Setting Up Reports

Question: I set up a task for the scholarship committee to review applications. The task has several different topics (academic excellence, financial need, etc) that they need to score the student on and give comments.

1. How are the reviewers able to see a summary of their scores and comments.

2. How is the admin able to see the scores and comments of all reviewers for all students?

Answer/Root Cause: Reviewer can view the scorecard on his dashboard after login with his credentials. Admin can see the scorecard in Review Results under Evaluate applicant section.

You can also find information in below help guide.

Managing Committees Reviews And Scores:

Question: I think I followed all of the steps for setting up new user reviewers, adding them to committees, then assigning applications, but something seems wrong. When I select Review Applicants as admin, I get the message no records found. Shouldn’t applicants appear here per Module 8 Section 1.1? I also get the same issue when I log in as a reviewer to test. Have I missed a step?

Answer/Root Cause: Please select “Display to Reviewer” for the task to appear on the Review Applicants Screen.

You can also find it in below help guide.

Setting Up Reviewers And Scorecards

10. Setting Up

a) Implementation

Question: Login screen not appearing as the first page for the site

Answer/Root Cause: Admin needs to go to site settings, and select a starting page there

Question: Dept Admins sees all the applications

Answer/Root Cause: Sponsoring Organization

11. Setting up an Application

a) Extending Deadline

Question: How do I extend my application deadline?

Answer/Root Cause:Once you select an application setup option, the Application’s General Information Section will appear. Once you create the initial application, you can also access the General Information for the Application Form by clicking on the General Information Icon in the application setup dashboard and make any changes to your set up features from this screen. In the application’s general information you can change the deadline date.

Question: I have a question, some community foundations may be hiring more than one intern in a semester. How should they apply? Can they apply twice for the same grant? This is what I would prefer since it would help on the reporting end. Do I need to set up a separate application for additional interns?

Answer/Root Cause: I had to think about your question. Currently you have three options in how you could approach this:

1) They could apply on the same application but we would need to create additional sections for them to fill out for the second intern. Do they have more than two interns? How many could one possibly have?
2) An organization could create a second user account and fill out the entire application again.
3) You could clone the application, change the name to Additional Intern Request for 2014 Summer Semester, publish that application. A user could fill that one out as a separate one without having to create a new user account.

If you want to keep all the information together, I would say #1 is the easiest choice all the way around. That way your users aren’t dealing with an extra login or separate applications.

12. Setting up Funding Source

a) Associating Application

Question: I am setting up a fund, the application that I want to assign it to is not in the dropdown list, what do I do?

Answer/Root Cause: The reason for this is because the application you wish to assign to already has a fund attached to it. Here is a help guide that goes into detail on how to assign multiple funds to one applications

Setting Up Scholarships

Question: I am publishing all my funds, why do they show up as separate application on my default page for my application lists that applicants see?

Answer/Root Cause:The reason for this is because you set all your funds to be published when you set up your funds. You can change this by simply unchecking the publish checkbox on fund page.

Question: Can edit the names that are shown in front of the editor boxes in the fund setup?

Answer/Root Cause: No you currently can not edit the names shown.

b) General Settings

Question: I am setting up a fund, and why does it ask me for the Annual Budget and why is it required?

Answer/Root Cause: The Annual Budget is The total amount to be awarded in the current cycle. If you do not have an amount for the current cycle you can just enter 0.

Question: What is the difference between brief description and description?

Answer/Root Cause: Brief Description: Short Description of the Funding Source that is available to the public. Description: Full description of the Funding Source fund which is only available after the

applicant logs in. This is viewable only to those that you have allowed as noted above.

Question: What does Allow Non-CF applicants and Allow CF Applicants mean?

Answer/Root Cause: Allow Non-(your org. name) Applicants: Select “yes” only if the Funding Source fund is available to applicants that are not a member of your organization, otherwise select “no”.

Question: If I enter amounts in Annual Budget or Amount Awarded will that show to the applicant?

Answer/Root Cause:No it will not show amounts entered in Annual Budget or Amount Awarded to the applicant.

Question: When I export to excel in the Setup Funds, why does it only show four fields? If I use the other field options available in the site settings, how can I run a report on all the information I entered?

Answer/Root Cause: Is there a way that when they pull an excel report on the setup funds report for it to pull all data that they entered for those funds?

13. Setting up Question

Question: When working on an application in the Sections and Questions they will open a questions to edit. They will edit the question in the editor box, the edits they were making was changing Font Size and Color on the question., They would hit Save and Exit when done with the edit. It would not save their change

Answer/Root Cause:

Question: Min/ Max issue in Float and Int types Questions while setting up the Report conditions

Answer/Root Cause:

Question: Questions repeating for the students in the section

Answer/Root Cause: Issue while moving application from one site to another

Question: Can you help me understand why Braswell fund essays do not appear on applications during score card scoring? An example is student Tyler Bailey.
In fact, Braswell does not appear on the applications at all??

Answer/Root Cause: we discover a problem with the logic. Please check Conditions and try again.

14. Setting up Reports

a)Adding Filters to Reports

Question: My filters are not pulling correctly?

Answer/Root Cause: This could be a number of things. Wrong use of question types in the application. Incorrect report setup

Question: I can’t us the greater or less than feature to set up my filter

Answer/Root Cause: They used text questions instead of numeric in the application.

Question: Issues related to filters around applicant status – various questions -when should use Submitted vs Under Committee Review.

Answer/Root Cause: We have noticed a lot of clients will put a filter on their adhoc reports for submitted students only and then don’t understand why under committee review students aren’t pulling.

Question: I am having trouble pulling in the applicant’s response to what their potential minor might be. Any reason? I have selected it to be included in the report and the column shows up, but no data is in the column.

Answer/Root Cause: We have tried with above option but still data is not coming, not sure if they have marked it excluded before publishing the application. Can you please check and remove if it is marked as excluded.

b) Adhoc Reports

Question: What is an Adhoc Queries Report and why does my list have nothing in it?

Answer/Root Cause: This help guide goes into great detail into what an adhoc report is and how to create one.

Setting Up Reports

Question: How can I search for a specific adhoc report?

Answer/Root Cause: There is currently no search functionality on the ad hoc reports screen.

Question: AdHoc Reporting not allowing conditions to be set

Answer/Root Cause: Special Characters like & used in the questions. We have put a fix on it and it should work properly. Can you try now or try to refresh.

Question: Adhoc reports not pulling Data

Answer/Root Cause: We have button on the header to update the report database called “Update Reporting Database” and also check the conditions set for the report.

Question: Reports are not working properly.

Answer/Root Cause: We have button on the header to update the report database called “Update Reporting Database” and also check the conditions set for the report.

Question: is there a way to move the selected columns in a large ad hoc without clicking the Up button hundreds of times? .

Answer/Root Cause: I am sorry but that is the only way to move the selected columns up.

c) General Queries

Question: Why am I the only one that sees the report?

Answer/Root Cause: When creating your ad hoc reports you have the option to make the reports viewable to all or just viewable for you. If no else can see the report chances are the report it set to only be viewable to you.

Question: When do I need or how often should I hit the Updating Report Database button?

Answer/Root Cause: Everytime you go to view the report you should hit updating report database. That will insure that you have the most up to date information on those reports.

Question: Institutional Reports not working

Answer/Root Cause: Can you update the report database by selecting “Update Reporting Database” button.

Question: Percentage Report for all sections

Answer/Root Cause: You can retrieve them from section status report under reports.

d) Section Status Reports

Question: I am trying to create a report and sections and questions are not showing for me to create a report?

Answer/Root Cause:Have you had a chance to view our report help guide?

Setting Up Reports

Question: Can I have a report in the system that shows where the students are in percentages for each section?

Answer/Root Cause: Yes all you have to do it is go into the Evaluations > Select your application > Reports > Section Status report.

Question: Can I have a report in the system that shows where the students is in total percentage of completion, no sections?

Answer/Root Cause: It can be retrieved from Section status report.

15. Setting up Reviewers and Scorecards

a) Reviews and Scoring

Question: Why is my section not hiding from reviewer?

Answer/Root Cause: That is a setting that you can change. You have to go into the section instructions there you will see a radio button called “Hide from reviewer”.

Question: How can I make a staff section viewable to the reviewer if I want too?

Answer/Root Cause: All you have to do is go into the Section instructions for that staff section and change the yes on the radio button “Staff Section” to no.

Question: While reviewing scholarships within each score sheet, I noticed that I am able to see the scores (at the bottom) of the other reviewers on the committee who have already reviewed that applicant. Is this information visible to all reviewers, or only to me because I am the admin? I am concerned that seeing other reviewers’ scores may sway/affect the scores that the other reviewers give the applicants.

Answer/Root Cause: The Information is visible to the individual with respect to their role. You are correct as you are Admin you can see there comments.

Question: I have two stages for review. The first stage is found under – custom questions for staff review stage 1. Right now there are three boxes, Julie, Mike Brett. I would like to give them a rank 1 – 5 instead of a text box. How do I change ?

Answer/Root Cause: We don’t have this option available in 4.0 and it is available in 5.0 onwards

16. Setting up Sections

a) Missing Questions

Question: When I preview a section not all my questions are appearing?

Answer/Root Cause: You may have conditional logic in that section that is attached to a question in another section. To your application properly we suggest that you create a test applicant user account and fill out your application you created.

b) Section Instructions

Question: How can I view my section specific instructions, they do not show up in my preview screen with the questions?

Answer/Root Cause: We suggest that you create an applicant account and log into the system to see the application from the applicant’s point of view.

Question: Where do section specific instructions appear?

Answer/Root Cause: They show above the questions in that particular section from the applicants POV.

Question: Good morning. We have asked a few community foundations to resubmit their goals and objectives. Is it not possible for them to change the document? Maybe I should not have changed the status.?

Answer/Root Cause: You just need to release the section and they can resubmit their goals and objectives.

Question: it still shows 0 complete; however, when I went in to check and see if truly no one had evaluated them, they have but it’s not showing them complete. Is there something I’m missing on this one? So when I go to Review Status, Harpelscoresheet, it shows 40 assignments, 40 incomplete. But the only incomplete ones are the Harpel family evaluations. Can you help?

Answer/Root Cause:Select update reporting database. Which will update the report data and then the reports will get updated with data.

Question: Our scholarship applications are due on Saturday and several student have uploaded their profile pictures and though that is the only requirement in that section, its still showing 0%. Answer/Root Cause:The reason why it was showing 0% was because there was not a required question in that section, I changed the question so it is required. Now those sections are appearing 100%.

c) Time zone

Question: How can I set my section time for a different timezone?

Answer/Root Cause: There is currently no way to change the time zone for the section.

17. Viewing Published Applications

a) Un Published Application

Question: I thought I published my application but it is not showing up in the search or lis


Answer/Root Cause: For an application to be published you need to add a fund and associate the application with the fund.

b) Testing Application Link

Question: I used the link in the General Information Form – why is that not working – it takes me to the entire list?

Answer/Root Cause: This usually happen when you have not copied email properly. Please copy correctly and try again.

Using the system

1. Completing Recommendation

a) Access Denied

Question: Recommender is not authorized to fill out the section that I requested for them to fill out?

Answer/Root Cause: The applicant may have switched their request person with someone new. This would cause the old recommender to not be authorized to enter into the section. You also want to make sure you are using the most up to date verison of whatever browser you are using.*

b) Email to Recommender

Question: The email did not go the person the applicant requested to fill out a section on their behave.

Answer/Root Cause: You can send another email by going to “Applicant status” you can click the blue requested link next to the applicant that is having this issue. In that section you can resend the email to the recommender. You also want to make sure that the recommender is checking their spam folder.

c) Recommendations

Question: I am filling out the request section on behalf of the recommender why can’t I submit it and have it move out of Request Pending?

Answer/Root Cause: Since you are logged in as the admin, the system does not recognize you as the person that the rquest was sent to. In order to move this applicant from a request pending status to a submiited status you will need to change the applicant status manually. To manually change the status; from the status dropdown select Pending Submission; the drop down on the right hand site called Change Status will change from beng greyout to selectable. Select the applicant that you would like to change the status. On the top click on Change Status.

Question: I’m getting a lot of emails from recommenders who say they haven’t received the email with the link to provide recommendations. Is there a way for me to send a bulk email to all recommenders again with the request from students? Or how can they get the email resent?

Answer/Root Cause: Currently there is not an automatic method to send bulk emails to all the recommenders on behalf of applicants alert.

Question: I went into this students application and resent her recommendation request to this teacher Susi Lopez Platt. Susi said that the request came to her in my name and that she filled out the recommendation. I am at a loss at how to retrieve the recommendation. Can you help.

Answer/Root Cause: Please navigate to Applicant Status and check applicant’s dashboard. You will find the recommendation there.

Question: We are needing to edit and add to the Custom Questions for Committee Recommendation section but all our changes are being discarded when clicking the SAVE button. Please help?

Answer/Root Cause: We had looked into your issue, and we have tried edit and add to the “Custom Questions for Committee Recommendation” section but all our changes are being saved correctly.

To save content on “Custom Questions for Committee Recommendation” section you need to select the “Green Check mark”, which will be available after you select “Edit” icon from left side of the table.

“Save” Button is used to save the changes made to the heading of question.

If you select “Save” button directly after editing or adding a question, changes will not be saved.

2. Deleting

a) Deleting a Section

Question: Cannot delete Sections

Answer/Root Cause: We recommend you to use deactivate the section instead of Deleting the section. Deleting a section may lead to losing some important data.

b) Deleting a Attachment

Question: How do I delete/replace a document for an applicant?

Answer/Root Cause: In “Applicant status” search for the applicant you wish to change the document for. Click there

Question: Delete link not working when document is uploaded in IE 8

Answer/Root Cause:

3. Evaluate application

Question: In the Review Status I can no longer see the reviewers individually, I need to see that information so whom should I remind to finish.

Answer/Root Cause:

Question: In the Review results the average score is shown but not the total score. I need the total score how do I get it?

Answer/Root Cause:

Question: My reviewers are starting the process. Here is a question from Nxxcy Waxxer, one of my reviewers from XYZn County.

Why on some of the scholarship total pages do I get a 100% completed and others : abc 83% Kxxxna 78% and Cxxxll 86% ? What am I missing?

Answer/Root Cause: can you please remove required option (*) from the message fields in the task. Let us know if you want us to help you in resolving this issue.

4. Evaluation Process Reviewing applicants Status

a) Applicant Status

Question:Applicant is showing as pending submission and 50% references complete but everything displays as 100%.

Answer/Root Cause: If you went in and filled out the reference section for the recommender it will not change the percentage of the references.

Question:What are my options for changing the status of someone who I released a section of her application and it was not completed by the deadline?

Answer/Root Cause: You can move student from “Additional Info Requested” to “Pending Submission”.

Question:Is there any methods for printing that would condense the application to an easy read, but smaller format?

Answer/Root Cause: You can print the application on preview application page.

Question:How do I release a section back to a student who did not submit and the deadline has passed but I want to consider him/her as a candidate?

Answer/Root Cause: Here is a help guide that goes into great detail on how to release a section to a student [ Please refer Module 5 pages 23-26] Managing Your Evaluation Process

Question:A month ago when I ran the export to excel on the Applicant Status the percentage showed in the report for the Received and Request column, what happen to those?

Answer/Root Cause: Those columns have been removed due to performance issues.

Question:I want to use the notify button for one student but I am afraid that mutliple students will be sent emails?

Answer/Root Cause: It will only notify the students that you have checked. On the applicant status page.

Question:Why does it take the Applicant Status screen so long to open?

Answer/Root Cause: This is due the fact that the system is loading all the students that have applied to that particular application.

c) Manually Submitting

Question: How do I manually submit an applicant?

Answer/Root Cause: : Here is a help guide that goes into great detail on how to do that. [Please refer Module 5 Pages 9 and 10] Managing Your Evaluation Process

Question: If I place a check in the box to the left of the student’s name and I manually submit will it only submit that student?

Answer/Root Cause: Correct it will only submit the applicant you select.

5. Evaluation/View Student Application

a) Review and Scoring

Question :My formatting is off on my scorecard what do I do?

Answer/Root Cause :

Question: Will my staff tasks interfer with my committee scores and averages?

Answer/Root Cause : Yes if you score as a staff your scores would be averaged in with the committee.

Question:I have setup automated socring and it is not scoring properly?

Answer/Root Cause :

Question:We are now in the application review process, and it seems to be working fine. I have been looking through the system to identify the sections where the committee will take a look at the scores when we meet next week to make our final selections. I am confused by the “Automated Scoring Report” button within the “Evaluate Applicants” section, as it shows no results when I click it. Based on its name, I was assuming this report would automatically show the applicants’ scores, and that it would do so for those that have already been reviewed, but perhaps there is a need to make a status change to the applicants in order to get this report to work? Can you please let me know what this report is and how it works? Thank you.

Answer/Root Cause :Have you had a chance to view our report help guide? please refer below help guide. Setting Up Reports

Question:I have created some of my own reports already. I have a few that I used prior to the application deadline to create downloadable spreadsheet with information on the applicants. These worked fine. However, I recently created one called “Score Card Report” that doesn’t seem to be working. Other than the applicant’s name, email address and status, all of the other fields I included are blank. Is it possible for you to take a look and see if I did something wrong in my setup of this report?

Answer/Root Cause :Please select “Update Reporting Database” button. It will update the data with respect to your report and the information will show up.

6. Generic Question

a) Not Functioning Properly

Question :Several screens revert back to the original page and not the one I filter on, I have to start over on a search or filter. It does not remember where I am. Why does it do that?

Answer/Root Cause : We are always open to ideas on improving the system, We will take a look and see if this is something we can improve in the future.

Question: Applicants Status report shows wrong applicant count.

Answer/Root Cause :

Question: Status is not getting updated on Applicant side when we release a request section and submit it

Answer/Root Cause :

Question:Application submitted Date and Time updated even if Status/ Stage changed from Admin side.

Answer/Root Cause :

Question: Section Status report does not return anything

Answer/Root Cause :

Question: How do I see a list of pending submission applicants along with section percentages

Answer/Root Cause :

7. Notification Center-Email Templates

a) Setting up Email Template

Question : I am sending 3000 emails, why does it take so long to go out?

Answer/Root Cause : When you email large numbers such as this. The system will send waves of emails every 30 seconds until all emails are sent out.

Question: I sent emails out from the system, and it never was sent.

Answer/Root Cause :

Question: I sent emails out from the system, how can I check to make sure they went out?

Answer/Root Cause : While in the Notification Center – Email Templates, the Notify Status Tab shows the status of the Mass Emails sent using the Mass Email tab to send your email. It will also show the status of emails sent using the Notify button to send an email using one of the Templates in the Templates tab.

Question: Denied or Accepted Nomination email not being sent to Applicant

Answer/Root Cause : Email Templates not set up

8. Reports – Home Dashboards

Question : Why do certain reports take so long to open like the Recommender Report?

Answer/Root Cause : The reason it make take some time to open is due to the fact that the system is pulling the data for the applicants in the system.

9. Review Applicants and Score Sheets

a) Review Process

Question : Do I need more than one user ID account if I want to review as well.

Answer/Root Cause : No you do not. All you have to do is click on Reviews icon on your Admin Dashboard.

Question: I logged and all I see is a “No Records Found”

Answer/Root Cause : You have not assigned any applicants for you to reivew yet.

Question: I can’t open any documents

Answer/Root Cause : This is usually caused by an old Internet Browser. Do you know which version of Firefox/chrome/internetexplorer is being used? We suggest that you use the newest verison of Firefox/Chrome/Internetexplorer.

Question: I keep getting kicked out fo the system – (my have texted someone, gotten distracted – system timesout -does not save work or they get kicked out for inactivity – because they have a screen open reading documentation.

Answer/Root Cause : If you are inactive for 45 minutes you will be kicked out of the system.

Question: My percentage complete bar is not calculating?

Answer/Root Cause : There is not a required question in the task. So there is nothing for the system to pull the percentage.

Question: How do I print an application?

Answer/Root Cause : When you are reviewing an applicant click the blue link titled “View Application” that will open a new page with the applicant’s application on it you will see a print Icon in the top right corner. Click that button and you can print that application.

b) Review and Scoring

Question: My scores are not saving?

Answer/Root Cause : This is usually caused by an old Internet Browser. Do you know which version of Firefox/chrome/internetexplorer is being used? We suggest that you use the newest verison of Firefox/Chrome/Internetexplorer.

Question: I can’t review the application summary – where is it?

Answer/Root Cause : This is a setting under site settings. We will switch it for you.

Question: How do I print my scores and comments for the students?

Answer/Root Cause : You can run a report on the score to get those comments and scores here is a help guide on how to create an ad hoc report. This help guide goes into great detail into what an adhoc report is and how to create one.Setting Up Reports

Question: My scores are not showing in the dashboard?

Answer/Root Cause : This is usually caused by an old Internet Browser. Do you know which version of Firefox/chrome/internetexplorer is being used? We suggest that you use the newest verison of Firefox/Chrome/Internetexplorer.

Question: My total score is higher than it should be, can I go back in and change it?

Answer/Root Cause : Yes you can go back into the scoresheet and change your scores.

Question: My total score is higher than is allowed, what do I do?

Answer/Root Cause : Numeric fields are being used instead of dropdowns. So reviewers can enter whatever score they want.

Question: There is nothing appearing in the scoring comment?

Answer/Root Cause : No scoring comment was question was selected when creating the scorecard. Only one question per task/step is allowed to be checked as the Scoring Comment. It will be displayed as “Comment” on reports and is used for the reviewer to enter their comments regarding the scoring of the specific applicant on that task/step. The question type should be an EssayBox if the question is to be a comment question so that the reviewer can type their comment in the essay field. Check the box if the question is the reviewer “comment” field for the task/step.

11. Uploading Attachments

a) Attachments

Question : How do I upload a document for an applicant?

Answer/Root Cause :

  • Click View Student Applications.
  • Click the application the student is applying to.
  • Click Applicant Status. There you will see a list of all the students in that application.
  • Once you have found the student you simply click the students name and that will bring you to their dashboard.
  • Find the section that the upload question is in.
  • Once you are in that section you can either click browse button and upload a new document in its place or click the blue link called “Delete file” to delete the file.

Question : Where do I find the files that have been uploaded with the scholarship application?

Answer/Root Cause : You can find the uploaded documents in Preview application under Applicant Status.

12. Viewing Attachments

Question: How do I view a document for a student?

Answer/Root Cause : Under Evaluate Applicants > Review Results search for the students name you wish to see documents for and click the view applicant icon next to their name. View Application – Allows you to view the applicant’s application and click on any attachments to open them and view.

Question: Admin doesn’t see Student’s files in PDF (Generate PDF)

Answer/Root Cause : Utility created that automatically converts the document to PDF at the time of upload itself.

Question: Applicant pdf page numbering is incorrect

Answer/Root Cause :

Question: Admins not able to download a document having special characters

Answer/Root Cause :

Question: A lot of the data in excel comes over as text, not a number. I would like to quickly change them to numbers, so my formulas work. Do you know how to do this?I try to select all, then format the cells as number instead of text, but it doesn’t change..?I can click the Convert to number, seen below, but I don’t want to do that in each individual cell (too many)

Answer/Root Cause : You can select all the items in the same column in excel and then convert all of them at once instead of change one by one.

Click in the first cell in that column that has the green in the corner. The warning symbol should appear next to it as shown in your illustration below.

Then highlight from that cell to the end of the column to select your cells to convert. Then hover over the first cell’s warning symbol and select from the dropdown arrow to convert to Number, this will change all the selected cells to numbers.